Astron Argon



We find that Intellectual Property is a governmental grant of a monopoly and belongs to the Black Lodge in its power of 'restriction' in accord with the teachings of Liber AL vel Legis.  This is the only sin and is of course, practiced extensively by many so-called Thelemites; specifically the Caliphate O.T.O. and H.O.O.R. as delineated by the 'cease & desist' orders found elsewhere on our websites.

Worse, it keeps spiritual knowledge out of the hands of many seeking it…unless of course, you pay the fee.   For them, spiritual research is a mundane business opportunity that serves only their own interests and not that of humanity.  Spirituality belongs to the air and the air is free…so should all that belongs to the Gnosis.  We take great pride in the fact that others of their own accord have found our writings worth the effort to translate into their native tongues.

This is the virtue of Liberty extended to the world of ideas!  The ideas we generate cannot be owned by us and they must be extended to the world; that others may take them and evolve their own ideas therefrom.  This speaks to the very essence of human evolution.  And that these works were generated in a voluntary manner tells us that these translators also serve the Gnosis.

Russian Translations

The Dog Rite

Pretenders to Prophecy

Field Notes on Formula of RC

Reign of Demiurge

Howling of Liber 231

The Word of the Aeon

Sexual Polarity in Magick

The Science of Religion

The Mystery of Lam

The Tradition of the Great White Brotherhood

What Tattwas Are & Uses for the Aspirant

The Obeah & the Wanga

Words of Power

Setting Pan

Spanish Translations

The Emotional Plague, Feminine Mystique & the Manipulated Man

Sexual Polarity in Magick

The Science of Religion

Liber Immortalitas vel Luciform

Portuguese Translations

On the Nature of the Oaths

Ever Speaks

The Word of the Neophyte

Serbian Translations

The Ophidian Current

French Translations

Morals & Magickal Integrity