Astron Argon



With all the populist misunderstanding about Magick and Adeptship created since the advent of social media, we thought it appropriate to make plane the work of the three grades of Liber AL vel Legis.

A. The work of the College of the Golden Dawn

Man of Earth

Undergraduate study and training (Bachelor of the Art & Science of Magick)—the first great initiation; making one an Initiate within the Veil of Qesheth.

B. The work of the College of the Rose Cross

The Lover

Graduate study and training (Master of the Great Work); perfecting one’s egregore and taking on the mantle of leadership in a school of Magick beyond the Veil of Paroketh. One has attained true enlightenment; the second great initiation.

C. The work of the College of the Silver Star

The Hermit

The Philosophical Doctorate (Ph.D); the reward of the Great Work having been accomplished with one’s star (egregore) being cast in the heavens, as one establishes ones office of professorship in the Ruach. One is then a guardian or praeter-human intelligence; having attained immortality beyond the Veil of the Abyss.

On the Outer College of the Golden Dawn:

The Outer College, that which is the full preparation to the Magnum Opus or Great Work produces initiates; those who come to a full and complete comprehension of the nature of the Great Work. The Initiate then, is fully prepared by ritual and yoga, emotional, intellectual and moral development, as well as mystical study. The liberal arts are the key to this, as we notice also that these arts, sciences and human letters are the product of the Rosicrucian Order. And the rigorous nature of this college should not be underestimated, which is why the first Grade is the Grade of Probationer. Most people who approach this college are truly not ready for it and will fail their probation.

But overall, this college is designed to make a complete, well-rounded human being; fully cognizant of self (personality) and the world around him or herself, with a well-developed philosophical understanding. One then completes one’s first initiation and becomes capable of fully engaging both the self and the world; enabled by and engaged in a sophisticated praxis that employs a fully developed set of skills. One becomes ‘asar un nefer’ (myself made perfect) and both seeks and finds the Knowledge & Conversation of Thine Holy Guardian Angel (within & without).

The net result of this is that the Initiate, upon completion of the work at this level, easily becomes recognized, as a master. So that the touting of his virtues not only becomes unnecessary, but is a certain sign that he or she has failed in development. This is why the Western Mystery Tradition promulgates the axiom that states ‘the master who declares him or herself a master is not a master.’ Entry into the College of the Rose Cross makes one a Rosicrucian. This ‘Invisible Order’ consistently has stated that anyone who declares him or herself to be a Rosicrucian is not a Rosicrucian. And only the nobles; the most highly educated have ever been allowed membership in its rank and file.

The Inner College of the Rose Cross

Being an admitted Initiate and Master means that one has already shown one’s brilliant light to the world; having produced such work that readily demonstrates such. One has by being recognized for his or her genius and virtue, become a public figure of some sort and developed an audience. One’s persona then becomes an egregore; heightened by the image placed in the minds of his or her audience and generated by the work produced. So that when Crowley writes that the Adept must produce a work (thesis) that shows the beauty of the order to the world, he is stating that a work of light; brilliance or genius is a work that is inspirational (infused with spirit) in nature.

One’s genius shows the result of the work of the Initiate; being the fruit of his or her work. Such greats in our generation are found in the likes of Patti Smith, Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts and Carlos Castaneda. And what we can see here, is that it’s not about the A.’.A.’. per se; we’re speaking of the Invisible Rosicrucian Order. This order is placed in the heart; the inner sanctum of humanity. So, it matters not who we draw from, as it is a spiritual order and is not a materially constituted order. The Adept takes on the karma of the order and may remain within its ranks; resisting or failing at the Ordeal of the Abyss to become a ‘brother of the left-hand path.’ Or he or she may write the Adeptus Minor dissertation; seeking the final Initiation.

The Sublime College of the Silver Star

Entry into this college makes one a guardian of Our Order; not only in contact with certain praeter-human agents or angels of the Divine that compel one to bring a new metaphysical law to the present generation on Earth, but ultimately becoming such an agent. For Crowley, Aiwass, Abuldiz and Amalantra are examples such agents that he was in contact with. And his egregore today, is just such an agent that should be sought out. For Dr. John Dee, Galvah and Madim were also such agents, but there is some confusion in the agency of Dr. Dee, as these were contacted through the medium of Edward Kelly. But their influence has a profound and growing impact on “us” today.

These agents are timeless, evolved beings that dwell beyond physical form; praeter-human in nature. Along with the ancient gods, they form a heavenly chorus; their job being to generate the psychic frequency of each Astrological Age that humanity is to evolve through. They transform and attune the collective mind for what it can grasp and how it can come to understanding at each step in its evolution. An interesting example of how this works can be found in our relationship with technology. The ancient world was capable of the concept of the machine; a very sophisticated tool. Yet, they did not perceive the use of this in the way that we do today. Hence two entirely different cultures are abstracted. And so it is that these Secret Chiefs act on culture and history, which is the mark of being.