Astron Argon

The Word of the Neophyte

To those Neophytes that are of US
Frater Apollonius 4=7

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

"Respect. K. S. Warden. — It is the first hour of the day, the time when the veil of the temple was rent asunder, when darkness and consternation were spread over the earth — when the light was darkened — when the implements of Masonry were broken — when the flaming star disappeared — when the cubic stone was broken — when the 'WORD' was lost." — Magna est Veritas et Praevalebit.

On the Word, the Master of the Temple, Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky writes that it has truly been lost to us, which is a vital and important revelation as it connects to the mystery of Magick in its relevance to prophecy and the mastery of life. Included in the successful attainment of the true Gnosis, the Word is the key that unlocks the mystery of Occult Science. On this loss, HPB asserts:

This Masonic commandment, "mouth to ear, and the word at low breath," is an inheritance from the Tanaim and the old Pagan Mysteries. Its modern use must certainly be due to the indiscretion of some renegade kabalist, though the "word" itself is but a "substitute" for the "lost word," and is a comparatively modern invention, as we will further show. The real sentence has remained forever in the sole possession of the adepts of various countries of the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Only a limited number among the chiefs of the Templars, and some Rosicrucians of the seventeenth century, always in close relations with Arabian alchemists and initiates, could really boast of its possession. From the seventh to the fifteenth centuries there was no one who could claim it in Europe; and although there had been alchemists before the days of Paracelsus, he was the first who had passed through the true initiation, that last ceremony which conferred on the adept the power of travelling toward the "burning bush" over the holy ground, and to "burn the golden calf in the fire, grind it to powder, and strow it upon the water." Verily, then, this magic water, and the "lost word," resuscitated more than one of the pre-Mosaic Adonirams, Gedaliahs, and Hiram Abiffs. The real word now substituted by Mac Benac and Mah was used ages before its pseudo-magical effect was tried on the "widow's sons" of the last two centuries.

The ‘Word’ of the Neophyte, handed down through the Motta lineage is MTzTBTzM. But this has been proven false as it in no way fits the color scale presented in Liber Pyramidos. When I approached my teacher (Ray Eales) about this problem, he scorned me for not accepting the word of the Master, Karl Germer; as he gave it to Motta.

The order of colors in Pyramidos is as follows:

Blue   Orange  Yellow-Green   Yellow   Orange    Blue

  M         .              .                 .          .           M

Here’s an analysis the word:

                        King Scale       Queen Scale       Emperor Scale          Empress Scale

Mem                Deep Blue

Tzaddi             [no Orange in any scale]

Tav                  [no Yellow-Green in any scale]

Beth                Bright Pale Yellow

The word adds to 662, which is equal to the Hebrew word ABThRIAL or Corona Dei (Crown of God); but has no apparent Thelemic meaning at all.  And it is unclear as to how this word has been passed down.

The Word of a Neophyte, usually glyphed “M . . . . M” or something of the kind, is (according to a letter from Achad to Frank Bennet), MUAUM or MWAWM, a modification of the formula of AUM, which adds to 93 counting the U as Hebrew Vau, almost matches the colours but has the “wrong” number of letters; the sixth coloured band represents the traditional Qabalistic fudge of a concealed Yod which is not pronounced or counted in the numeration.  The Word is said to represent the entire Course of the Breath.  The actual pronunciation as used in the A^A^ is supposedly taught privately to Neophytes.

The illuminated MS in the Caliphate Equinox IV (1) glyphs the word by a diamond with six coloured bands, almost in the colours given except the second and fifth look red rather than orange.

Kowal TS has “M—-M + and + in silence.” The illuminated MS has – below the coloured diamond used to glyph the Secret Word – the symbols of sulphur, salt and mercury. Elsewhere in that manuscript those symbols are used to glyph the rigmarole with the scourge, dagger and chain (see Book 4 part 2).  These Alchemical elements have the following letter attributions:

, – Aleph          . – Tav             / – Mem

And these seem to allude to the Hindu word, Atma; the essence of being.  Adding the Yod, the word valued at 521 (attributed to the Hebrew word, AShIVRR, or Ignis descendens; the desending fire) would then be, MAITMM or MAYTMM; a word or formula that seems to be mere gibberish.  The letters of the three Alchemical elements equal 441, are also attributed to the Hebrew word for Truth, AMTh.  Both Truth and Essence seem in themselves to have some value.

In Liber 777, Column CLXXXVII, Key Scale 0, M….M is attributed with the word LASTAL; the latter being very similar to the formula LAShTAL of Liber Reguli.  LASTAL is not necessarily an error for LAShTAL (for which see Liber V vel Reguli) but may be a variant form, the ST representing the Coptic sou, identified with the Greek stau and attributed to Kether.

M . . . . M probably refers to MUAUM, said (in a letter from C.S. Jones to Frank Bennet) to be the Word of a Neophyte of A^A^, representing the whole course of the breath. Spelt MVAVM in Hebrew, it adds to 93 (it may also contain a concealed yod, not pronounced or counted in the enumeration, which would explain the fourth dot  in M . . . . M and the extra coloured band used to glyph the word in Pyramidos).

Liber Pyramidos, Ritual DCLXXI, “The Secret Word MUAUM or MAHBHM; both 93.  Finding the latter word in my research, we find the following color attributions:

                        King Scale       Queen Scale       Emperor Scale          Empress Scale

Mem                Deep Blue

Aleph              [No Orange in any scale of color]

Heh                 [No Yellow-Green in any scale of color, nor Orange for the latter Heh]

Beth                Bright Pale Yellow

Finally, examining MUAUM, we find that it has the proper correspondences in the King Scale of Color:

Mem – Deep Blue

Vau – Red Orange

Aleph – Bright Pale Yellow

Inserting the Yod between Vau and Aleph, we get the proper color, also in the King Scale, Yellow-Greenish.  The Yod separates MU from AUM.  MUI equals 56, or NU and AUM is the mystic formula: Creation, Conservation & Transformation; a glyph for IAO (Cf. the Fire Opal).

The Magickal Powers attributed to these letters would better help us to understand this word as a formula:

Mem – The Great Work, Talismans, Crystal-gazing, etc.

Vau – The Secret of Physical Strength

Yod – Invisibility, Parthenogenesis, Initiation (?)

Aleph – Divination

There is a connection to this Word with the Magick of Enoch; a Magick that has provided the key to the whole of Thelemic Doctrine.  Freemasonry, originating from the knowledge kept by the Arabs (and secretly passed on to the Templars) in a time when Europe descended into the Dark Ages, at least testifies to the existence of this Word.  However, in the writings of Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, we find  that the word is not supposed to have a vowel in it and that it has been truly lost; as noted in the following:

The Omnific Word traced by Enoch on the two deltas of purest gold, on which he engraved two of the mysterious characters, is perhaps better known to the poor, uneducated "heathen" than to the highly accomplished Grand High Priests and Grand Z.'s of the Supreme Chapters of Europe and America. Only why the companions of the Royal Arch should so bitterly and constantly lament its loss, is more than we can understand. This word of M. M. is, as they will tell themselves, entirely composed of consonants. Hence, we doubt whether any of them could ever have mastered its pronunciation, had it even been "brought to light from the secret vault," instead of its several corruptions. However, it is to the land of Mizraim that the grandson of Ham is credited with having carried the sacred delta of the Patriarch Enoch. Therefore, it is in Egypt, and in the East alone that the mysterious "Word" must be sought.

What is especially important is that M….M is not a cipher that Crowley and George Cecil Jones invented; and equivalent only to a password.  But it has a deep origin in the history of Magick in Europe; particularly Greece with its ancient connection to the Egyptian mystery schools.  With the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, the Word became lost to Europe, with the exception of those who fled to the Arab world, where a great Renaissance arose.  On the Alchemical nature of the Egyptian mysteries, this Word grants mundane and spiritual powers as it reveals the hidden workings of nature, and as HPB further describes to us the Word has an intimate and essential connection to the mystery of Initiation.

In the Egyptian notions, as in those of all other faiths founded on philosophy, man was not merely, as with the Christians, a union of soul and body; he was a trinity when spirit was added to it. Besides, that doctrine made him consist of kha – body; khaba — astral form, or shadow; ka — animal soul or life-principle; ba – the higher soul; and akh – terrestrial intelligence. They had also a sixth principle named Sah – or mummy; but the functions of this one commenced only after the death of the body. After due purification, during which the soul, separated from its body, continued to revisit the latter in its mummified condition, this astral soul "became a God," for it was finally absorbed into "the Soul of the world." It became transformed into one of the creative deities, "the god of Phtah," (In the eighty-first chapter of the "Ritual" the soul is called the germ of lights and in the seventy-ninth the Demiurgos, or one of the creators.) the Demiurgos, a generic name for the creators of the world, rendered in the Bible as the Elohim. In the Ritual the good or purified soul, "in conjunction with its higher or uncreated spirit, is more or less the victim of the dark influence of the dragon Apophis. If it has attained the final knowledge of the heavenly and the infernal mysteries — the gnosis, i.e., complete reunion with the spirit, it will triumph over its enemies; if not the soul could not escape its second death. It is 'the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone' (elements), into which those that are cast undergo a 'second death' " ["Ritual," vi, 44; Champollion: "Manifestations to the Light"; Lepsius: "Book of the Dead"; Bunsen: "Egypt's Place in Universal History."] (Apocalypse). This death is the gradual dissolution of the astral form into its primal elements, alluded to several times already in the course of this work. But this awful fate can be avoided by the knowledge of the "Mysterious Name" — the "Word," (We cannot help quoting a remark by Baron Bunsen in relation to the "Word" being identical with the "Ineffable Name" of the Masons and the kabalists. While explaining the "Ritual," some of the details of which "resemble rather the enchantments of a magician than solemn rites, although a hidden and mystical meaning must have been attached to them" (the honest admission of this much, at least, is worth something), the author observes: "The mystery of names, the knowledge of which was a sovereign virtue, and which, at a later period, degenerated into the rank heresy (?) of the Gnostics and the magic of enchanters, appears to have existed not only in Egypt but elsewhere. Traces of it are found in the 'Cabala' . . . it prevailed in the Greek and Asiatic mythology" ("Egypt's Place, etc.," p. 147).) say the kabalists.

The Initiation begins for the Neopyte, with Pyramidos and Divination and Skrying are the major components of the Great Work.  Also, it is important to get the body to a point of strength and endurance.  For the search of true prophecy must for the sake of Magick, ultimately entitle us to receive the True Word.  It is on this Word that the Second Death can be overcome, which is the true aim of the Heirophant.  Let this be the quest of our Lineage and for those who are of US!  And let God birth the child within you; nurture your skills in Silence and keep yourself forever devoted the Star of Force and Fire.

Love is the law, love under will.