Astron Argon

The Third Covenant

Towards a Thelemic Gnosis
by Frater Zephyros

"But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear." AL I.47

If the Magick of Thelema and its precursors have truly succeeded in establishing contact with the fabled Nephilim of the Old Testament and its Pseudepigrapha, it wouldn't be a logical leap to suggest that Liber AL vel Legis may be a continuance of the western tradition of Biblical prophecy and expurgation. Knowledge of the Watchers and their legions of Holy Guardian Angels was intended for the First Covenant. It was only the historicity of contending cultures that has made any accurate presentation of this race to be so obscurant. We can therefore suggest a possible three phases to the larger Covenant. The First Covenant originates out of Egypt and presents an elite and royal bloodline. The Second Covenant presents an attempt at Gnostic Initiation on a mass level to the entire human race. And the Third Covenant presented through the Book of the Law returns Gnosis to an elite Spiritual Adepthood based on the power of one's Spiritual Aspiration. Yet, it is interesting that in all three, there is some connection with the Jews.

If we consider all our 'Praeter-human' contacts as such, then we have now some of the names of these Nephilim in our collective Magickal Record. First there's Aiwass, who communicated the text of Liber AL vel Legis to Crowley in the Cairo Working. And there's Abuldiz who bid Crowley to write Magick in Theory and Practice. Then there's the Wizard, Amalantra, who brings us both the mystery of the Egg (which even though Crowley was bid to seek in Egypt, he never did) and the mysterious portrait of Lam of which no record of what Gnosis Crowley obtained from him really seems to have survived. But it is certainly reasonable to deduce that these are the Secret Chiefs whose duty it is to aid in the Initiation of humanity.

Before Crowley, there's the record of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly whom brought us to the advent of Horus by establishing an incarnate link with Babalon and the Enochian Angels, inaugurating an expansive grimoire that would also come to include the Genii of Liber CCXXXI communicated again, by Crowley. And then there's the alleged 'Mad Arab', Al Azif and the Sumerian beings of the Necronomicon coming to our archives by way of a fiction writer; H.P. Lovecraft. Of course, there are also the legions of angels that remained loyal to Jehovah after the defection of Lucifer.

What makes Thelema so controversial; even to this very day is its individualistic and libertarian purview of consciousness which was considered evil by the tribal-oriented ancients who interpreted the book of Revelations in the New Testament. Such an idea was something that most probably would've aroused great fear for the socio-economic structure in the ancient world and brought down charges of heresy (an 'heretic' is someone who thinks for his or herself). And fear really ruled the roost, as the fearsome Jehovah would win control of the human race over his more merciful and benignly sublime brother Adonai (Enlil and Enki respectively, of Sumeria). However, the zeitgeist of our race is rapidly changing as we are no longer fearing Jehova's puritanical enslavement. Nor do we accept any longer, any form of servitude to any forces on the earth; above or below it. This is of course, clearly remonstrated in Liber AL vel Legis:

"I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, & be drunk thereof! They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this folly against self. The exposure of innocence is a lie. Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this." AL II.22

"Dost thou fail? Art thou sorry? Is fear in thine heart? Where I am these are not." AL II.46-47

"Fear not at all; fear neither men nor Fates, nor gods, nor anything. Money fear not, nor laughter of the folk folly, nor any other power in heaven or upon the earth or under the earth. Nu is your refuge as Hadit your light; and I am the strength, force, vigour, of your arms." AL III.17

Adonai Shunned

With the advances in communication and technology, the secrets of the ancients are being uncovered. There's the Nephilim and the emerging bloodline of a truly royal class of ancient humanity that was or is the result of a careful line of eugenic development that modern archeology is beginning to uncover stunning evidence of. The destruction of all of this is a part of the secrets of the founders of what would later be called Judaism and their later counterparts who would create Roman Catholicism, which long ago were thought to be lost to human history and are now, finding their way into the hands of historians for the first time since the purging.

Why were these beings considered to be so terrible if they were able to bring works of such longevity and health to the human condition? The ancients who came barely short of completely obliterating their memory from human history shunned them. In order to understand this, we therefore need to examine what the ancients were afraid of. In The Gold of the Gods, an article derived from a lecture given by Sir Laurence Gardner at a Nexus conference in Sydney, Australia and printed in Nexus Magazine, Sir Gardner states:

The old writings tell us that throughout the patriarchal era the Israelites endeavoured to support Adon, the Lord, but at every turn El Shaddai (the storm god, Jehovah) retaliated with floods, tempests, famines and destruction. Even at the very last (around 600 BC), the Bible explains that Jerusalem was overthrown at Jehovah's bidding and tens of thousands of Jews were taken into Babylonian captivity simply because their King (a descendant of King David) had erected altars in veneration of Baal, the Adon.

It was during the course of this captivity that the Israelites weakened and finally conceded. They decided to succumb to the 'God of Wrath', and developed a new religion out of sheer fear of his retribution. It was at this time that the name of Jehovah first appeared–and this was only 500 years before the time of Jesus.

Humanity moved from a zeitgeist of mutual respect and adoration under a Royal Theocracy (seemingly remembered by Plato) to a zeitgeist more focused on the masses of people formerly not of privilege, and exemplified by the idea that the Covenant of the Jews should be offered to the Gentiles. And due to the political nature of the Roman usurpation of Christianity and its reverence for the Cult of Attys (one that devoted itself to self-mutilation of the genitals…see my article: Reign of the Demiurge; found on this site) as a way of controlling these masses, we can suggest that as sexual contact can create the energy that could ultimately reveal the ancient secrets, this information needed to be suppressed. Therefore the Roman Church shunned sex, as it seems that it was knowledgeable of the idea that such a mass Initiation would inaugurate the final prophesied battle; the Biblical prophecy of Baptism by Fire that is a purification or Alchemical process…the Book of the Law also talks of a purging by fire. "This shall be your only proof. I forbid argument. Conquer! That is enough. I will make easy to you the abstruction from the ill-ordered house in the Victorious City. Thou shalt thyself convey it with worship, o prophet, though thou likest it not. Thou shalt have danger & trouble. Ra-Hoor-Khu is with thee. Worship me with fire & blood; worship me with swords & with spears. Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: let blood flow to my name. Trample down the Heathen; be upon them, o warrior, I will give you of their flesh to eat!" AL III.11 "But your holy place shall be untouched throughout the centuries: though with fire and sword it be burnt down & shattered, yet an invisible house there standeth, and shall stand until the fall of the Great Equinox; when Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place. Another prophet shall arise, and bring fresh fever from the skies; another woman shall awake the lust & worship of the Snake; another soul of God and beast shall mingle in the globed priest; another sacrifice shall stain the tomb; another king shall reign; and blessing no longer be poured To the Hawk-headed mystical Lord!" AL III.34

Lucifer/Shaitan shunned by the Roman church and Hebrew Rabbis was the highest expression of the creative forces of the Universe. Indeed the Romans would model their image of the 'Devil" on the likeness of this being with his image bringing fear to the deepest recesses of our consciousness up to the present moment. Having both a personal and impersonal nature (like the two forms of the H.G.A., i.e.: Asar Un Nefer and the Nephilim), we correlate these with Hadit and Nuit respectively. The image of Shaitan is Pan…Pan is Nuit.

Esotericism (and the truths of the Esotericists) and heresy shunned by Roman Church and Hebrew Rabbis was really something for the royal elite and the intelligentsia. The sacred symbols were given to the masses with an exoteric promulgation that created a viable path to the more sublime revelations should someone rise from the crowd. However, exoteric religion was easily co-opted and perverted by potentates more interested in political power than in service to the populace. This explains its bastardization and mis-alignment with esoteric practices. When we uncover the true nature of these ancient symbols, we quickly discover that 418 Abrahadabra is an old Aeonic formula of the Holy Grail; known to Thelemites as the Cup of Babalon. In a lecture given by Sir Laurence Gardner and held at a Nexus Conference in Sydney Australia, we get the following:

So, what was this Sumerian Gra-al which the Bible calls 'the Mark of Cain"? It was an emblem dignified as the 'Cup of the Waters' or the Rosi-Crucis (the 'Dew Cup'), and it was identified in all records (including those of Egypt and Phoenicia and in the Hebrew annals) as being an upright, centered red cross within a circle. Throughout the ages is was developed and embellished, but it has always remained essentially the same and is recognized as being the original symbol of the Holy Grail.

It was fully recognized that the prominent gene of the succession was carried within the blood of the mother. Today we call this the 'mitochondrial DNA'. And so was born a tradition inherited by their kingly descendants in Egypt and by the later Celtic rulers of Europe. True kingship, it was maintained, was transferred through the female, and so kingly marriages were strategically cemented with maternal half-sisters or first cousins.

The blood extract in question was, in the first instance, not human but from the sacred Anunnaki lunar essence–that of Enki's sister Nin-khursag, the designated Lady of Life. It was defined as the most potent of all life-forces and was venerated as being 'Star Fire'. It was from the womb of Nin-khursag that the kingly line was born, and it was with her blood, the divine Star Fire, that the Dragon succession was supplementally fed.

The Resuscitation of the Light Bringer

Rumors have abounded that in the 'end times' described in the Revelations of John, that many people would begin to exhibit psychic and other magickal powers. These abilities have always been shunned by orthodoxy and these rumors seem to be fired off by many fundamentalist interpreters of the Bible. The methods used for these types of operations has been often called Sorcery and Black Magick therefore being typically shunned by the orthodoxy. Kenneth Grant and Carlos Casteneda along with Michael Berteaux and the Voudouns have practiced this seemingly spurious art in recent history and without fear; being the courageous heirs of a vital heritage. Indeed, atavistic shamanism has survived history by all aboriginal cultures not reached by the Roman sorcerers.

The workings that have manifested communication from these beings has also served in some cases, to help them incarnate on a plane which we can perceive them. We read about this in the records of the Dee and Kelly workings wherein the incarnation of Babalon so frightened them that the project was permanently abandoned. The enochian Angels have come to be called such due to the Apocryphal Book of Enoch's depiction of the Nephilim and the Sons of Light.

Pan has been imprisoned by those conspirators that have veiled the truth from us. This by way of a functional misunderstanding of Da'ath. Crowley writes in A Note on Genesis: "For 11 is the Number of the Qliphoth; but when the Fall had occurred and the Sephira Malkuth had been cut off from the Tree by the folds of the Dragon there was added unto the Tree Dalet-Ayin-Taw, the Knowledge, as the 11th Sephira, to preserve intact the "Ten"-ness of the Sephiroth." and "for Daath is the Priceless Gift of Knowledge and Intellect whereby cometh Salvation." But the one key that we now have in this modern age is access to Knowledge…a feminine principle and one connected with the Abyss on the Tree-of-Life. See Atu XV to show how weak such entrapment in ignorance really is. (cf. Escape from the Tree-of-Life in Reign of the Demiurge; found on this site). And so we find that Pan in his manifestation as Choronzon, is the Demon of the Abyss (cf. writings of Kenneth Grant). The Abyss being Da'ath (Death) being NOT on the Middle Pillar as a reflection of Kether back to AIN. This as a key to escape from the Tree-of-Life further accentuates the mystery of the Supernal Triad that only the S.'.S.'. can comprehend. Kenneth Grant writes on this subject: "These terms, Da'ath and Death, do indeed have a mystical affinity and it is no refutation of this fact that the words are in different languages, for the salient elements of both words, D A Th are qabalistically equivalent to the number 474."

This is also the number of Liber Os Abysmi wherein the A.'.A.'. employs a method of focused reasoning (Da'ath is called Knowledge) to solve the riddle of existence (in its rational impossibility) as a way of breaking down the ego by the Adeptus Major in preparation of the Exempt Adept for crossing the Abyss, which is the destruction of the ego.

The true character of Lucifer is strongly revealed in atavistic or totemic work. This Watcher is a fully manifest being with a semi-material or dualistic nature. From this idea, energy as matter can be transformed into life through this force (the light of Lucifer) being placed within matter (the light surrounded by darkness). Atavistic Sorcery is based on the semi-material nature of animals as we perceive their sensuality (animal magnetism) along with their seemingly psychic insights (often attributed to their acute sensory perceptions). Looking into their eyes and facial and posture expressions helps us to understand their power (cf. Kenneth Grant's 'Were Masks').

The Goat and the Snake are two principal symbols of Shaitan. The Goat climbs mountain as feminine energy goes upwards on the Tree-of-Life (cf. Formula of ON–as delineated below) and the Snake slithers on ground as masculine energy goes downwards on Tree.

"I am the secret Serpent coiled about to spring: in my coiling there is joy. If I lift up my head, I and my Nuit are one. If I droop down mine head, and shoot forth venom, then is rapture of the earth, and I and the earth are one." AL II.26

In several parts of Ben Kadosh's article (translated by Bjarne Salling Pedersen in cooperation with Fr. GCLO), The Dawn of a New Morning, we get a strong indication of this idea as he writes:

"THE SLOUGH OF THE ANIMAL IS THE CLOTHING OF PAN AND HALF OF HIS OUTER BEING. The side we often prefer to consider is the material and physical, which is considered morally [objectionable]. What we [have here] to consider is the PSYCHIC, the psychic life and especially the psychic Powers which is working through the animal, and often gives an impression of something strange, mysterious, often demonic in its being, attitude and outer appearance. It also reveals their intelligence which is; that they know about and master their inner Powers, and understand the use of them. With that, we have to admit that their intelligence in many other ways are inferior to that of man.

This Force is apparent in inferior animals–as in the case of the Serpents Glance–it suggests the presence of a Talent or Force that works as a tool to aid the beast, against its inferiors. It also suggests–by the presence of this special Ability or Force–a side of the animal, where it is close to the divine mystery, which alone has [its] source in the use of psychic powers.

The snake show[s] its superior intelligence–as mentioned–through its glance. With this animal it is a special ability, besides being its vigour and its outward rays, the magnetic, demonic rays in the eyes of the creature. The intelligence of an animal can always be detected in its eyes. Without the eyes, an animal would–as also with humans–[lose] its demonic appearance. In the eye of an animal, as for humans, we can see the soul of its intelligence, which always reveals itself as either a force of nature; heat and cold; or as a primitive form, and with the individual it is penetrating; in individualized form too.

The things which causes the demonic appearance of the animal, is then determinative for the creatures demonic individuality in it entirety. To make this Fluid of Force appear as a special ability, the creature–in this case the snake–has to be conscious about its presence and use, and in this case it is so. The snake only uses its fluid, by pointing its rays towards the chosen prey, when it is aware that it gains an advantage by using it. The Snake is aware of the presence of this fluid of so high a nature and potency. And the same when it comes to the use of it. But by this, it must also be aware of its superior intelligence. The superior intelligence is only the realization of the presence of the Power, and the awareness of its use.

Exactly the same, though in another way, is visible in the appearance of the horned he-goat–the Alpine [I]bex. The horns, with its proud and provocative erection or beautiful reclining shape, and the dark face of the creature, is that which add up to is demonic appearance. With that comes the consciousness of the animal, of its outer dark magnetism or radiation, which radiates from it, and is apparent in its conduct. Its knowledge about how to use this, its natural gift, is sufficient evidence of is special intelligence."

The force which is perceived inside the animal is as a fire which radiates a magnetism from the source of all life…yet the outside is a dark, bestial shadow of this physical world…ugly and black. The L.V.X. within the N.O.X. with the N.O.X. being the outer image (Father, Mother, Son, Daughter or as well, the pantheistic component) and the L.V.X. being the One source of life (which presents the monotheistic cosmogonic model). As Pan is the ALL and the sum total of the ALL, the outer dark form is the creator of the world…the Demiurge with the inner being the Pleroma. And there is an inherent struggle between the animal and spiritual natures with the animal hiding the spiritual. Yet the Demiurge tries to usurp the Pleroma by becoming the 'one' God. It's jealousy of the other Gods is still clearly remonstrated in the 'Ten Commandments' wherein it admonishes that 'thou shalt have no other gods before me'. This sounds so much like the trap of the Exempt Adept mistaking Da'ath for the Crown and becoming the Black Brother. It seems Jehovah has made this mistake; making himself the one God.

Alchemical Qabalah

Unconsciousness is unmanifested existence; a walking through life being limited to mere instinctual awareness without the facility of full consciousness. The work of the Outer College of the A.'.A.'. (called the Golden Dawn) is geared to developing the capacity to become fully conscious. The Inner College of the A.'.A.'. (called the Rosy Cross) begins with the work of combining the physical to the spiritual; clearly channeled through a fully developed and properly functioning mind and then onto an even greater Alchemy. The Supernal College is incomprehensible to any but those of the College of the Silver Star. And yet Crowley gives us some hints in his descriptions of this order. He describes what could on one level be summarized as a body of caretakers involved in overseeing the Initiation of humanity; much as the Royal Courts before the political usurpation by the Rabbins of old and their later counterparts, the Roman Patriarchs.

Much has been said in the esoteric literature of the ages about mental, emotional and spiritual development. And with the exception of maintaining a pure and healthy body, little attention has really been given to the physical Gnosis. Yet even athletes and artists (especially but not necessarily limited to musicians) have developed a profound understanding of controlling the dynamic responses of the musculature. Therefore of course, one should include the value of ones limbs and organs as a part of awareness and a part of one's Initiation. The work of the A.'.A.'. hints at this in its two important Initiations of the Golden Dawn. These can be found in Liber Pyramidos in the Neophyte Grade and Liber Cadaveris of the Zelator Grade and are excerpted as follows:

From Liber Pyramidos:

I gild my Left Foot with the Light.
I gild my Phallus with the Light.
I gild my Right Knee with the Light.
I gild my Right Foot with the Light.
I gild my Left Knee with the Light.
I gild my Phallus with the Light.
I gild mine Elbow with the Light.
I gild my Navel with the Light.
I gild my Heart Wedge with the Light.
I gild my Black Throat with the Light.
I gild my Forehead with the Light.
I gild my Phallus with the Light.

From Liber Cadaveris:

My hair is the hair of Nu!
My face is the face of the Disk!
My eyes are the eyes of Hathor!
My ears are the ears of Apu-t!
My nose is the nose of Kheuti Khas!
My lips are the lips of Anpu!
My teeth are the teeth of Serget!
My neck is the neck of Asi!
My shoulders are the shoulders of Ba-neb-Tahtu!
My arms are the arms of Neith!
My spine is the spine of Sati!
My phallus is the phallus of Asar!
(or) My kteis is the kteis of Asi!
My Sinews are the sinews of the Lords of Keraba!
My chest is the chest of the mighty and terrible one!
My belly and back are the belly and back of Sekhet.
My buttocks are the buttocks of the Eye of Hoor.
My hips and legs are the hips and legs of Nuit!
My feet are the feet of Ptah!
My bones are the bones of the living Gods!
There is no member of my body that is not the member of some God!

Included with this is the study of the larger material world created by the Demiurge. The spiritual fire (Pleroma) is its counterpart and the two together must be first separated and then recombined (2=0). Notice that time has evolved with this inherent quality. There have been ages (in both larger and smaller cycles) that have eschewed the physical world for the spiritual along with ages that have eschewed the spiritual for the physical. And of course, there have been integral ages as well. These have worked in larger and smaller cycles that flow within the larger ones. We call the largest one that we are aware of an Aeon.

The Hebrew Qabalah is quite syncretic in its origins; drawing from Persian and Egyptian (Mesopotamian) sources. The Persian teaching of the highest principle being that of the bottomless Abyss (Zeruane Akrene) is equivalent to the idea of the AIN SOPH. For the Persians, from this bottomless Abyss would spring forth the 'King of Light' (Kether); created by projecting an image of a central awareness from the darkness (Chaos) as a reflection and as a shadow of its source. This awareness is known as the Spirit of Knowledge (Da'ath) and is again a counter-reflection of Kether back into non-existence (NOT). This is then the feminine or negative counterpart of Chaos (masculine, positive) and is called Pneuma or hidden light (Ain Soph Aur).

Kenneth Grant writes in Nightside of Eden: "Da'ath is knowledge of the phenomenal world reflected downward through the Tunnels of Set at the back of the Tree. This knowledge, or Da'ath, is the death of the Self." And for a slightly larger examination of this idea, see my article: The Howling of Liber CCXXXI; found on this site. In this work, I examine the nature of consciousness at various levels of Initiation within the A.'.A.'. system. But on an even more general purview, the following from the above mentioned book by Kenneth Grant is quite eloquent:

Oriental traditions have typified this descent of Consciousness in terms of the three states of sushupti (sleeping), svapna (dreaming), and jagrat (wakeful) consciousness, and their reintegration in a fourth state–turiya–which is not really a state at all, but the substratum of the other three and the only real element in those three. Turiya equates with Kether (Undifferentiated Consciousness), Sushupti equates with Da'ath, Svapna with Yesod, and Jagrath with Malkuth. This scheme matches the qabalistic doctrine: The state of deep and dreamless sleep (sushupti) is a state in which mind is not conscious of the objective or phenomenal universe. It is void in the sense that it is empty of thought (images), and dark in the sense that within it light is absent. Sushupti merges into Svapna, the state of subjective objectivity, or dreaming, because Kether creates in the void of Sushupti a stress that manifests as vibration. This stress is mirrored in the dream world (Yesod) as sentience latent in the microcosmic power-zones (ckakras) in which it assumes elemental forms of ether, fire, air, water, and earth. In other words, this vibration manifests as the six senses which, in turn, are projected as objective phenomena in the wakeful state (jagrat; Malkuth).

In taking Achad's Key to the Book of the Law and developing a literal Qabalah, we open a vista of creative opportunity also worked out in various parts of the Thelemic Qabalah (slightly modified for this article) by Paul Joseph Rovelli, as we approach a working structure for this field of endeavor:

"Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto." AL II.55

'Thou' can mean the universe itself as in Nuit; in this case such verbal axioms as they creep into a culture become significant. These symbols come to us from the collective unconscious of English speaking peoples. Further, in the English Qabalah put forth in the present work, 'Thou' equals 55 and is the mystic number of 10 which represents the totality of experience as delineated by the 10 Sephiroth contained in the Tree-of-Life.

The only Qabalah that tradition has handed to us as whole and complete is the Hebrew Qabalah. Yes, there are other Qabalahs; the Greek and Enochian come to mind. But none other than the Hebrew Qabalah has heretofor been so thoroughly explored and utilized. And one of the first things that a beginning Qabalist is taught in the Western Mystery Tradition, is the meanings of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. There must also be symbols that are attributed to the letters of the English alphabet as alluded to in AL II.55. Well, this has already manifested by virtue of the collective consciousness of English speaking people if we but take a moment to think about it. These symbols have evolved in our culture over time and have become quite fixed in our consciousness. What follows is a compilation of these symbols in the traditional order of the English letters:

A – One, Excellence, First, Beginning, Most Important, Initiation, Scarlet Letter, Anti-oxidents (such as Beta Carotene)
B – Alternative, Drill (as in spelling 'Bee'; which is the letter 'B' in its full spelling; or even fire drill–practice.), vitamins for the brain, to 'be' or exist, a bumble bee.
C – Average, Middle of the Road, Mediocre, Lowest Common Denominator, vitamin found in orange juice.
D – Below Average, Dunce, vitamin found in milk and in sunlight.
E – Effort, Energy (E=MC2), vitamin for skin and hair.
F – Failure (Lunar in nature as fear and failure surround as taboos; also the menstruum as a failed or potential pregnancy), abbreviation for the word Fuck (which is already an anagram 'for unlawful carnal knowledge).
G – Sigh (Gee whiz), to aspire
H – Breath
I – Self, Eye
J – Improper Move (J-Walking), Jail (J-bird), Marijuana (cigarettes are referred to as J's).
K – Strike or Knock Out (as in KO)
L – Perpendicular, Corner-angle/perspective.
M – Wave, tidal ebb and flow; delicious (MMM) or note of recognition.
N – Answer or Sum (1+2=n)
O – Gasp (O my heavens!); Hail (O Thou…), Orgasm/Ecstasy (Orgone), Whole or complete circle or cycle.
P – Excrete (discharge of energy) or Anger (as in Piss Off; in England: Drunk; also Pea is a part of English currency); Legume
Q – Total Capacity (I.Q.)
R – Existence ('are'); Rudimentary Knowledge (3 R's)
S – Curve or double U-turn, ($) Currency; snake with corresponding symbolism; Superman (hence the 'Overman of Nietzche).
T – Intersection; Square, World of the Elements, Time Out (in athletic competition).
U – Reverse Direction (U-turn); Not-I, Pictorial representation of the open womb.
V – Victory; Peace (to the British it is not a Peace sign but an insult), Penis pointing down, Vow.
W – Audience (double 'Not-I')
X – Remove; Discontinue; Variable or Product (as in Algebra), Chromozone, Axis point.
Y – Question; Choice [fork in the road], Chromozone, Axis point.
Z – Zig-zag; End; Sleep; lightening flash (which is also a symbol for orgasm).

The Reader should clearly be able to link these symbols with the collective associations that are given to their corresponding letters. But there is herein no direct clue to any numerical value which seems to have been the research of all the primary English Qabalists to date. Aleister Crowley would be the one exception to this with his publication of Liber Trigrammaton. However, he concludes that this does not lead to a working Qabalah.

While the symbols that we have attributed to the letters of the English alphabet were derived from the collective consciousness of our larger more mundane culture, the order and value do not have such a luxuriant ease of derivation. Still there is justification for this by virtue of the fact that our holiest of holy books, Liber AL vel Legis was revealed to us by Aiwass in this language and through the fabric of this consciousness. Therefore, it seems simply credible to seek the order and value in the revelation itself. This is very much akin to the technology employed by the Hebrews in their utilization of the Torah.

The Hebrews started at the beginning (Berashith). By comparison, we have the first verses to the Book of the Law. The sequential order of the English letters as they make their first appearance in the tome is now a parallel idea. We are left with the following sequence from the first chapter of Liber AL:


Note that this is the only chapter of the book wherein all twenty-six letters are utilized. The other two chapters omit only the letter 'Z'. And further, there is no embedding of this ordered arrangement at any other point in the book. However, because of the missing letter in the other two chapters, this presented order can be deemed significant. What remains is for values to be assigned to them. Also note that 'Z' is a graphic rendering of the Lightening Flash as well as Zain; the Sword–the qabalistic Sword being the Lightening Flash through the Sephiroth.

With a numeration of only 1-26, many important values cannot be obtained with just one word, no matter how long. Though no one ever said this is a must, it does not make comparisons with other systems (Greek and Hebrew, mainly) readily possible. Yet again, applying the Hebraic method, this problem is solved. And we are given the following numeration:

H=1 A=2 D=3 T=4 E=5 M=6 N=7 I=8 F=9 S=10 O=20 U=30 V=40 L=50 G=60
C=70 P=80 Y=90 R=100 W=200 B=300 K=400 J=500 Z=600 X=700 Q=800

Yet there are no 'Mother Letters' or 'Final' forms to further articulate the numeration. We are left with the above structure. Still, the Hebrew goes up to 900 utilizing these principles as it is an alphabet of only 22 letters compared to the English 26. We have here a strong parallel system of numeration.

With numeration patterned in this manner, 1 to 10, 20 to 90, 100, 200, etc., the 26 letter English Alphabet goes up to 800. Now, the Greek Alphabet goes up to 800 as well, yet the final 3 letters, Chi, Psi, and Omega, are not very common. Relative to the Hebrew system, there are some huge tabulations as such, but in general the 2 systems are very compatible in their Gematria ranges.

Other correspondences also serve to validate this new technology:

TO MH = 31 (The Greek for 'The Not'; symbolic for Nuit and equal to 418 in the Greek Qabalah;418 is also one of the numbers that Nuit gives to nothing in AL I.47)

BAPHOMET = 418 (ABRAHADABRA) Man of Earth = 156 = The grade involves the work of accepting all Impressions; which is the formula of the Scarlet Woman
ABRAHADABRA = 814 (A ThRAShRQ of 418) 156 = Pan is Nuit; identifying this system again with NOT
The essential point is in the word NOT and it's fitting equivalence in both Achad's key and our system. This we will elaborate on further. Symbolically, the letters N, O and T are worked out as follows:

N = Sum, Whole, Completion
O = Ecstasy, Orgasm, Hail, Gasp
T = Cross of Light, World of Elements, Intersection, Square

Note that non-being is the mystery of the Ipsissimus which is an end to the Great Work; its final (N) mystery and ultimate ecstasy (O) of the ultimate light (T). Numerically and symbolically, we have verification and validation.

As an aside, from AL II.55, please note the word "unto" equals 61 in the English Qabalah which is equivalent to Nun, Yod, Aleph meaning 'nothing' in Hebrew. Moreover, the three capital letters in this verse equate to 11. For that matter, 'two and fifty-five' (the numbers of the verse stated grammatically) is equal to 418 which of course, is the number of the Great Work; especially Crowley's magnum opus which is the transmission of Liber AL from Aiwass to the world.

"Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen." AL I.46

Moreover, "they have the half" AL I.47 (referring to the Hebrews) equals 220 and is the number of lines contained in Liber AL; thus combining the two systems into an homogenous whole. "half" equals 62; which is a ThRAShRQ of 26-the number of letters in the English alphabet!

106 is also the Hebrew letter Nun (meaning Fish and also the Death Atu) spelled in full (Nun Vav Nun). Adding the value of 'N' (50 in the English Qabalah) to 106, we get 156; which is the value of Babalon in the Hebrew Qabalah. 106 is also the value of the word Hell by the English Qabalah. Hell is Hadit as per Motta's commentary on AL II.63 "Hell's own worm". And 156 also is equal to the phrase 'Pan is Nuit'.

'N' and 'O' in NOT also hint at the formula of ON (described below) as the work of light 'T' as so eloquently expounded upon in the Epistels of J. Edward Cornelius and found in Red Flame Vol. VII.

Rosicrucian Cosmogony

"Only in the end shalt thou give up thy sap when the great God F.I.A.T. is enthroned on the day of Be-with-Us. CCCLXX.7

The force of the extended and contracted light is its Fiat. This metaphysical force is called aeonic as it sets up a current of psychic energy that creates a paradigm from which we can model human consciousness on. Lucifer the fallen Morningstar, is the occult power of Isis (in her manifestation as Venus). "Yet she shall be known & I never." AL II.4 Lucifer is Hadit as Isis is Nuit. On the plane of the occult fiat, we have two currents of Horus and Maat; described in the Book of the Law.

The Aeon of Horus is the invocation of the Hosts of Heaven (Nephilim) and is the work purging by fire as prophesied in Liber AL vel Legis. The Aeon of Maat is the raising of the perfected earth to re-ascend to the Stars (Justice) and is the work of the aeon to come after the prophesies of the current aeon have been fulfilled (Will this be a Fourth Testament?). Jack Parsons saw also that if Horus was the son, then there must also be a daughter or contrapuntal energy manifested in the present aeon. In his notes on his Babalon working, he writes:

The present age is under the influence of the force called, in magical terminology, Horus. This force relates to fire, Mars, and the sun, that is, to power, violence, and energy. It also relates to a child, being innocent (i.e., undifferentiated). Its manifestations may be noted in the destruction of old institutions and ideas, the discovery and liberation of new energies, and the trend towards power governments, war, homosexuality, infantilism, and schizophrenia.

This force is completely blind, depending upon the men and women in whom it manifests and who guide it. Obviously, its guidance now tends towards catastrophe.

The catastrophic trend is due to our lack of understanding of our own natures. The hidden lusts, fears, and hatreds resulting from the warping of the love urge, which underlay the natures of all Western peoples, have taken a homicidal and suicidal direction. This impasse is broken by the incarnation of another sort of force, called BABALON. The nature of this force relates to love, understanding, and Dionysian freedom, and is the necessary counterbalance or correspondence to the manifestation of Horus. It is indicated that this force is actually incarnate in some living woman, as the result of the described magical operation. A more basic matter, however, is the indication that this force is incarnate in all men and women, and needs only to be invoked to free the spirit from the debris of the old aeon, and to direct the blind force of Horus into constructive channels of understanding and love. The methods of this invocation are described in the text.

The background of this material may be found in the Book of the Law, the Comment thereon, and other writings of Aleister Crowley; also in various magical, anthropological, psychological, and philosophical texts. These are all necessary to an understanding and use of the material.

One further point. It should be remembered that all human activities, after the vital functions are fulfilled, arise from the need to love or to be loved. It is therefore quite literally true that in understanding (i.e. that which embraces all categories of love) is all power given. A grasp of the principle of bipolarity should make this clear.

Like Charles Stansfield Jones' work with the Tree-of-Life, his Babalon working is generally viewed askance of any validity. But his work may yet inspire another or others to produce a theurgy that expands the Thelemic Gnosis in much the same way as the work of Mr. Jones influenced Kenneth Grant. With this in mind, it would be reasonable to examine the Formula of ON.

Lucifer is the 'Light Bearer' but not the light itself. This is conducted through him and manifests in the body of Isis. Yet Lucifer as transmitter shapes the quality of this light becoming the Genius of that light. Hence as the 'Watcher' of humanity, Lucifer is the archetypal Holy Guardian Angel (and Lord of the Nephilim). His conjunction with the physical beauty of Isis depicts the formula of 'Babalon and the Beast Conjoined'. Therefore, Lucifer is the 'Protecting Genius' or Incubus of Gold which is the 'Original Principle' of Alchemy. In Alchemy, it is known that you must start with Gold in order to get Gold. Hence the light of Gnosis is the start of the Great Work.

Graphic Summary of the Formula of ON

O Nuit
Red Triangle (Descending Tongue of Grace) Chesed
Blue Triangle (Ascending Tongue of Prayer)
Devil Atu [joins Tiphareth to Hod] Divine Formula of Man
Left Hand Pillar draws current downwards
Towards the root of Earth Manifestation Death Atu [joins Netzach to Tiphareth]Divine Formula of Woman
Right Hand Pillar forces current upwards
To Tiphareth
Red Lion
Beast White Eagle
The Lion dwells on the ground while the Eagle flies to the skies; Babalon rides the Beast.

Again, from the lecture of Sir Laurence Gardner:

In strict terms the original Star Fire was the lunar essence of the Goddess, but, even in an everyday mundane environment, menstruum contains the most valuable endocrinal secretions, especially those of the pineal and pituitary glands. The brain's pineal galnd in particular was directly associated with the Tree of Life, for this tiny gland was said to secrete the very essence of active longevity, called soma, or, as the Greeks called it, ambrosia.

In mystic circles, the menstrual 'flow-er' ('she who flows') has long been the designated 'flower' and is represented as a lily or a lotus. Indeed, the definition 'flow-er' is the very root of our modern word 'flower'. In ancient Sumer, the key females of the Dragon succession were all venerated as lilies, having such names as Lili, Luluwa, Lilityh, Lilutu and Lillette.

Serpents, in one form or another, were always associated with wisdom and healing, and the Trees of Life and Knowledge are customarily identified with serpents.

The records explain that the central staff and entwined serpents represent the spinal cord and the sensory nervous system. The two uppermost wings signify the brain's lateral ventricular structure. Between these wings, above the spinal column, is shown the small central node of the pineal gland.

The combination of the central pineal and its lateral wings has long been referred to the 'Swan' and in Grail lore (as in some yogic circles) the Swan is emblematic of the fully enlightened being. This is the ultimate realm of consciousness achieved by the mediaeval Knights of the Swan, as epitomized by the chivalric figures as Perceval and Lohengrin.

In the days of ancient Sumer, the priests of Anu (the father of Enlil and Enki) perfected and elaborated a ramifying medical science of living substances, with menstrual Star Fire being an essential source component. In the first instance, this was pure Anunnaki lunar essence called "Gold of the Gods', and it was fed only to the Kings and Queens of the Dragon succession. Later, however, in Egypt and Mediterranea, menstrual Star Fire was ritually collected from sacred virgin priestesses who were venerated as 'Scarlet Women'. Indeed, the very word 'ritual' stems from this practice, and from the word ritu–which defined the sacred ceremony of the 'Red Gold'.

In the fire symbolism of ancient alchemy, the colour 'red' is synonymous with the metal 'gold'.

In the early days, therefore, the metals of the alchemists were not common metals but living essences, and the ancient myteries were of a physical, not a metaphysical, nature. Indeed, the very word 'secret' has its origin in the hidden knowledge of glandular secretions. Truth was the ritu (the 'redness' or 'blackness'), and from the word ritu stems not only ritual but also the words 'rite', 'root' and 'red'. The ritu, it was said, reveals itself as physical matter in the form of the purest and most noble of all metals: gold. Hence, gold was deemed an 'ultimate truth'.

Just as the word 'secret' has its orign in the translation of an ancient word, so too do other related words have their similar bases. In ancient Egypt, the word Amen was used to signify something hidden or concealed. The word 'occult' meant pretty much the same ('hidden from view'),..In real terms, however, they both relate to the word 'secret', and all three words were, at one time or another, connected with the mystic science of endocrinal secretions.

The 'Scarlet Women' were so called because of their being a direct source of the priestly Star Fire.

In addition to being the 'Gold of the Gods', the Anunnaki menstruum was also called the 'Vehicle of Light', being the ultimate source of manifestation, and in this regard it was directly equated with the mystical 'Waters of Creation'–the flow of eternal wisdom. It was for this reason that the Rosi-Crucis (the Dew Cup, or Cup of the Waters identified as a red cross withing a circle) became the Mark of Cain, and the subsequent emblem of the kingly succession.

It was said that the Light remained quite dormant in a spiritually unawakened person but that it could be awakened and motivated by the spiritual energy of self-will, and by constant self-enquiry. This is not an obvious mental process, but a truly thought-free consciousness-a formless plane of pure Being.

Greater paths for the formula of ABRAHADABRA on left hand Pillar:

Formula of the Beast
Formula of Manifestation and of Speech
Fulfillment of the Logos (Old Aeonic); Sets up individuals to be receivers

Binah to Geburah – Cheth 8 – Chariot – Cancer
Geburah to Hod – Mem 40 – Hanged Man – Water
Hod to Tiphareth – Ayin 70 – Devil – Capricorn
Hod to Malkuth – Shin 300 – Aeon – Fire

8 (The VIII(th) Atu: Attributed to the Hebrew letter Cheth (Chariot Atu) which spelt in full equals 418; Cheth is Cancer opposite Capricorn–the Devil Atu (Shaitan)–on the Zodiac and is the formula of this Aeon of Horus.

J. Edward Cornelius writes in Red Flame Vol. VII:

According to Qabalists, this card not only portrays our Inner Self but also the 'conquest of Illusions', or one's control over Illusions, the very basic tenets of Thelema which enable us to seek our Star.

Connecting Formula

80 Peh Tower Atu; Hebrew word that means Tongue; Phallus connected with Tower; Tower of Babel was one of Speech; Tongue of Love. In the aforementioned Epistles of J. Edward Cornelius, we find a validation of this last idea:

…if correctly portrayed, using the formula of Silence 418, the fire should be 'emitting out of the tower's head' and not striking it from above.

The Tower card holds the key to the transition between the male-female currents, from the Left to the Right Pillar.

That 'Key' could possibly be found in the Egg of the Amalantra Working as the Tower of Babel was built in Sumeria which would later become Egypt. And in the Amalantra working, Crowley was bid to go to Egypt to find the Egg…he was told that it was all (emphasis mine) in the Egg. The Egg of course is Silence (Hoor-paar-kraat) with Egypt being the desert.

The Devil ('O') and Death ('N') Atus hold opposite positions on the Tree-of-Life

Greater paths for formula of BABALON (The Scarlet Woman) on right hand Pillar:

Formula of the Scarlet Woman Formula of Silence New Aeonic Formula Chokmah to Chesed Vau 6 Hierophant Taurus Chesed to Netzach Kaph 20 Fortune Jupiter Netzach to Tiphareth Nun 50 Death Scorpio Hod to Netzach Peh 80 Tower Mars
Notice that female formula does not ground from Netzach to Malkuth. Feminine current moves upwards and male current grounds. If she also grounds by Speech, work is neutralized.

"I am Nuit, and my word is six and fifty." AL I.24

Vau (Hierophant Atu) equals 6 and Nun (Death Atu) equals 50. These are also Taurus and Scorpio which oppose each other on the wheel of the Zodiac.

Crying for a Vision

And perhaps this Third Covenant' has yet other prophecies to come through to us from the Nephilim. For the reader's benefit, it may be good to quote from the surviving parts of the record of the Amalantra working that specifically mention the Egg.

I then asked again for a message and saw an egg in which were many many tiny convolutions of some flesh-like substance which would form something. The egg was placed in an oblong as in a picture. Around it were clouds, trees, mountains and water, called the `four elements'. A camel appeared in front of the whole picture. I next tried to find out who the king was. He looked more like Prof. Shotwell than any one else. That is, he was `simple, democratic' and very learned and fine. He was certainly not a king belonging to any kingdom limited by a country's borders, but was a king of men, or a king of the world. I asked his name and the word `Ham' appeared between the egg in the oblong and the soldiers around the king.<>

The king went out to one side and a wizard linked his arm in the king's as they disappeared. The wizard looked at me significantly as they left. It was a sort of look as if one would almost wink.

The wizard was standing and still held one or two sticks in his hand. He smiled and said, “Child.'' I then saw a most beautiful naked boy 5 or 6 years old dancing and playing in the woods in front of us. T. asked how he would look dressed and when I saw him in conventional clothes he looked very uncomfortable and repressed. He looked as if he should be dressed in skins such as tigers'. To one side near the place where I made the fire was a large turtle standing up as a penguin stands.

The wizard was very happy and satisfied looking. He sat down and reached out his hand to me and had me sit down beside him. As we watched the boy he put his left arm around me tenderly and placed my head on the left side of his chest near the shoulder. He said, “It's all in the egg.''

Wizard looks far away from me spiritually. On shelf (Pylon) where egg is a flaming lamp appears. Over the lamp is a peculiar light. In this light there is a peculiar large-headed, particularly large-eyed small bird. Also there is some strange kind of material like drapery in folds. It is somewhat like metal made into decorative objects like ornamented mirrors etc. etc. and finally like convolutions in the egg. I see the egg on the pylon. I ask who the egg belongs to. The wizard shows me a hen laying an egg and says “Whose egg is this?'' I ask him what his opinion is of us. He respects T., but pays little attention to me. This part about little attention to me is false in me. I have to readjust myself back to a true attitude towards the wizard. He now shows me a mirror. I have on a travelling hat. T. in a robe in a hotel room. This means something about a home. We are to go to Egypt for the key. The key might be in center of egg when it is broken. It is a small golden key.

I see the wizard standing up. The egg is there; the child is sitting under a tree with the roots showing where the rain has washed the dirt away. The lion, the turtle and the mountain path are all there. Also the remains of the charred fire sticks where I built the first fire with the wizard. I greet the wizard. Salam Aleikum. He lifts his left hand and drops pearls or jewels from his fingers. He says “Amaranthus.''
Q: “What is the connection with Amaranthus?''
A: I see a ship going South, loaded with Oriental things — teak wood . . . I see a gold-fish washed upon the shore of the sea. Amaranthus seems to mean something holy — Holy Light. I see something about a lotus.
Q: “Is T. going to do any great work at the altar we are going to set up in Egypt whence we are going to find that egg?''
A: The wizard's function with me is to get the truth. He knows the truth for me and is a guide to me. He expects me to go to Egypt to get the egg. He expects T. to go.
T.'s work is some great work.

Q: “Is it expedient to start to find the egg and when should we start?''
A: The egg is a work which must be done — the great work. By doing the work we get to the key.
Q: “Is it the same vision as in the Virakam vision?''
A: “The work must go on and there must be an altar, created in Egypt — starting in Egypt.'' I see the Arab, the one that was at the well some time ago. He will be at one of the corners of the altar. The king is there.
Q: “Who is the king?''

A: I see growing grain and a fox among it. There are baskets of corn, an eagle, and an egg on the ground near the corn. The eagle watches the egg.
Q: “Who is the eagle?''
A: I see the path and something forming out of indefinite material like in the egg of the first vision. The eagle is in the sky on the other side of the w. I see the crock again. 21.

Now I am wandering up the mountain path with the w. We are a little way up. He looks like an Arab, has on a white turban. I have on a brown cotton crepe dress. He is stopped and is standing in the main path while I am to one side on the beginning of a large level place on the mountain side. Some distance away and further out on the level space is a dark haired young man. Both the young man's head and my back are turned this way. The w. is almost facing this way. I see a confused sculptural group or figure on top of which there is a brilliant red four petalled flower. The ends of the petals droop down which gives it a cross-like appearance. The w. looks at me with a kind of admiration and sympathy or friendliness. An animal like a fox (really a chamois, I believe) comes from around the mountain towards me. There is a small snake at my feet. Now the place where I am standing is isolated with 20 — 25 feet between us and the rest of the mountain. A sort of crevice is all around me. I ask the w. what it means and see ripe corn. Now I see myself with green corn in my lap preparing it for cooking. This means that I am at Nepta. A. admired me because I was climbing up seeking truth. This stopping on the way is a sort of being side tracked in what Nepta would be. That is I would stop and bask in the sunlight of sensual pleasures or emotional enjoyment of such a life. (I do not like this thought. It makes me think of what it would mean in sacrificing real work.) As I keep looking at myself on this isolated spot, I am sometimes all alone as at first, and then there are many people and many confused things all around me. A. explains that my going to E[gypt] in face of objections and obstacles is represented by my being alone. It is then that he admires me. The confused mass of things and the people around me are the remnants of illusions etc., etc., I have not yet broken clear of. I ask A. if he has a message for T. We come down from the mountain to the woods. I see a fruit packing house, a bin for tomatoes, some straw in the bin and an egg in the straw. “T. must work for the egg.''

T: “Does Egypt mean the (geographical country or the mystic expression?)'' (Asked without words.)
A: Utter darkness appears. A man with a beast's head, something like a dog with a bird's beak for a nose. It is a hawk's head. I see a snake or scorpion. A nebula. Now there are many tiny chains at the feet of 729, coming from this nebula. Now an open door in a hut. A white cloth hangs on it. By this a tall palm, but its top is like a fir tree. A slender animal, somewhat like a calf is near A. In the air A. holds a small doll rather Japanese in appearance. This suggests Rodin's `Hand of God'. The doll has a cap on as if ready to go out. I see the egg and the eagle. The back of A.'s chair is shaped as a triangle, rather queer; almost as if the triangle were a solid.
T. is very enraged and expresses his anger which completely destroys all communications. Later we try to ask more questions but it all seems to be of no use.

A: Water — bottom of water nest with eggs — beautiful bird flies down from sky and into water and sits on eggs. Tall snow capped mountain and trains climbing around winding track to top. Fine! Fields of very fine ripe tomatoes growing . . . A horse killed . . . rushing torrents of water . . . Beautiful summer cottages — some empty, some full . . . Beautiful water in the distance with ducks on it. A boat and hunters in it.
A: “I think it was magnificent. Blue bird for happiness.''
A[chitha] says Wizard let loose blue bird for happiness — Bull for strength and virility.
T: What does horse being killed mean?
A: Sex being killed. Water = enlarged sexuality. Ducks,
I don't know . . . Cottages — home.
T: Give a single pure number to symbolise the whole vision.
A: 83. ( = The chief thing is consecration = 7 of Pantacles.) 2 of Pantacles. (Harmonised change.)
T: Get two words, one to be a picture of doing the thing; one to be a picture of not doing it.
A: 1. Elbaroth. (Aleph-Lamed-Beth-Resh-Ayin-Taw Tree of knowledge.)
A: 2. Alestone. (Aleph-Lamed-Samekh-Taw-Ayin-Nun-Ayin Fear of the Lord of the Law.)
T: Now get Tarot card for doing it and another for not doing it.
A: 1. 7 of Cups. (Illusionary [sic] success.)
A: 2. 8 of Pantacles. (Skill, prudence, cunning.)
T: How does he seem about this? Does he seem insistent?
A: “Do with all thy might and let no man turn thee aside.''
T: Do what?
A: “What thy hand findeth to do. Work to fill the store house. Accomplish thy will.''
T: Get picture of store house.
A: A busy factory.
T: What sort of factory?
A: Machines for printing.
T: For printing what?
A: Illuminated words and everyday words.
T: Shall we all move outside limits of city to reside?
A: 74. (Apparently means yes but Arcteon does not think so.)
A: 7 of Wands. (Lord of valour, means not a bad plan, but very hard to manage it.)
T: Hebrew letter.
A: Daleth.

A: “Geburah.''
T: “Geburah applied to what?''
A: “The egg. The egg is resting on the point of mountain tops, very sharp. Water around, lotus flowers on it.''
T: “Egg is symbol of some new knowledge, isn't it?''
A: “ Gimel. Lamed. '' ( = spring, fountain.)
T: “What does that mean?''
A: “I don't know; followed symbol of mountain and lotus flower.''
T: “How are we to break open the egg?''
A: “In plain language it means Thou art to go this Way.''
T: “That isn't plain language. How are we to get this new knowledge?''
A: “Don't ask questions too fast. Sow the wild oats; go into the ( . . . ) into the Mother . . . (T[herion]: You bet, you bet.) (A[rcteon]: I think you're both getting off the trolly.) . . . to be born again.''
T: “What about the Mass of the Holy Ghost?''
A: “That hasn't anything to do with it. You've shattered everything. I'll have to establish connection all over again. Going into the Mother to be born again, you get a New Life and then the Earth is covered with wonderful flowers, and bees come to the flowers to get honey to store, and the honey is stored elixir. I see a hill very steep. (I think ( . . . ) is played out.) Mother standing ( . . . ) down washing child. I don't know if she's to save it or go after it or what. Lotus flower on water again.''
Arcteon: “How does this apply to breaking open the egg?''
A: “No . . . the egg is in the lotus flower. Daleth. Resh. Gimel.'' (207 = the open clear light of day = walled, fenced.)
T: “What is the allusion? With what object should we next perform the Rite of the Mass of the H[oly] G[host]?''
A: ( . . . ) (Interpreted by T. as `A fullness of Love'.) (No he says. No.)
T: “Ask for another interpretation of that object.''

What has not survived from the record of the Amalantra Working is the portions that deal with another Nephilitic contact known as Lam. Kenneth Grant remarks in Cults of the Shadow that Lam may be either a god or an extra-terrestrial intelligence. He goes on further to say about the portrait of Lam (which is the only surviving part of the record dealing with Lam):

It may be a portrait of Aiwass in one of the several guises in which he appeared to Crowley, or it may be a portrayal of the elemental dwarf-soul typified by the Phallus; or the head of the spermatozoon which, in the symbolism of Thelema, is identified with Hadit, the inner light of every man and the instrument of his True Will.

Kenneth Grant's successor Michael Staley also attributes Lam to the 'Bornless One' and goes on to further elucidate this in his article Lam; the Gateway:

The Egg of Silence is typified by Lam; to embark on the Cult of Lam is therefore to evoke the Hidden God, the Holy Guarian Angel. This is Initiation, the journey inwards which is simultaneously the journey outwards, for the microcosm and the macrocosm are not two but one. Lam is the Gateway to Outside–those tranches of consciousness which lie beyond the bounds of what we consider to be ourselves.

Lam is the Voice of Silence, the Silence which is the extra-terrestrial continuum of consciousness of which manifestation is a facet.

And he goes on to show that while Lam is equal to 71, so also does the Hebrew word ALM; which means silent. Silence of course, is Hoor-paar-kraat; the 'Babe in the Egg. Note that Amalantra frequently indicates a young boy in the Egg vision.

And so finally we should ask, do we have a Third Testament? Or have we embarked on a speculative folly; being victimized by Choronzon? Choronzon is the Guardian of the Abyss and the epitome of disharmony and confusion. The Abyss itself is filled with all possible forms and aggregates; each coalescing chaotically to briefly establish their own temporal individuality. This sounds like the creative process. And by creating, we act like the Gods that we are.

"And he said: Behold Adam is become as one of us, knowing good and evil: now, therefore, lest perhaps he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever. And the Lord God sent him out of the paradise of pleasure, to till the earth from which he was taken. And he cast out Adam; and placed before this paradise of pleasure Cherubims, and a flaming sword, turning every way, to keep the way of the tree of life." Genesis III.22-24