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The Motta System of Thelema


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

What is Motta's contribution to the development of the science and art of Thelema? Let's first consider that there have been different types of contributors to the art of Scientific Illuminism. Crowley was it's initial Avatar, Prophet and Mage. His first successor is his at one time, proclaimed Magickal Son; Charles Stansfeld Jones (a.k.a. Frater Achad). Achad would discover the 'Key' to Liber AL vel Legis and so function as a channel for the fulfillment of prophecy. And further, Achad developed some highly evolved theories of his own that may contradict the prophet's interpretation of the Book of the Law, but developed into a system that has proven to be of practical use for a growing contingent of Scientific Illuminists.

Dion Fortune has for the careful investigator, proven herself to be the Avatar of Babalon as was Crowley the Avatar of the Beast. But that involves material outside the scope of the present work. And Kenneth Grant would also be seen as a developer the magico-sexual component of Thelema; he would derive many of his ideas along these lines from Dion Fortune's work along with Crowley's, but more to his in-depth study of Hindu Tantra.. Kenneth Grant is also given the additional distinction of having mapped and charted regions of the unconsciousness and the roots of Thelema.  He's found ties into Typhonian and Ophidian currents that revive the Gnosis of the ancient 'Fertile Crescent' and with a visionary bend that leans into the future development of the craft of Thelema.

Then along comes Marcelo Motta; disciple of Karl Johannes Germer whom was recognized by Crowley as a Master of the Temple. It seems to me that Germer must have been a man of stern discipline and Motta, a man of tremendous devotion. In mixing these two, and with Motta's already terse personality, we get the taught current of a lineage that Motta would develop with a strict set of guidelines and rules of conduct. And one's devotion to the letter of the Oaths signed in Motta's A\A\ was expected to be extremist and absolute as Motta himself was really a 'Black or White' man with no shades of 'Grey' in his worldview. One was either an Aspirant to the White Lodge or a 'dupe' of the Black Lodge.

Motta was about enemies. His foremost work, Letter to a Brazilian Mason, introduces the idea to his lineage that there is an egregore of the old aeon, coined as 'Christism' from which the Black Lodge attempts to prevent the inevitable cycle of change that comes to all life and especially to those that seek racial evolution. This is also pointed out in his Black Lodge lectures; shown to members of the two known outer organizations that have evolved along as his lineal successors. From this and combined with some of the writings of Dion Fortune, Motta delineates the nature and methods of psychic attack and protection from psychic attack. Spiritual Defense was necessary in the paradigm of the Manichean Polemic he set up as a mythos for his successors. And strict adherence to the commands of one's Superior along the lines of an Eastern 'Chela' to his Master, were an important component to his teaching methodology.

The Office of the Beast is probably the cornerstone in Motta's designs for his lineage, and this I don't believe came in any way from Germer's instructions; but were more interpretations of Germer's instructions by the increasing militant nature of Motta's thinking processes as his Thelemic career evolved. Motta was seeking a spiritual perfection to be proved only by passionate devotion immediately at the onset of someone's Aspiration and having first come in contact with Motta or any of his lineal representatives. This would be answered also by terse alienations and expulsions at even the hint of failure from any one of his students as a seeming megalomania would grow within his psyche and lead to the infamous O.T.O. trials of Maine and California.

Motta's writings on sexual liberation, scientific experimentation and socio-political issues along with his development of racial and evolutionary theorems along eugenics lines represents a unique discussion of the ideas in the development of a literary tradition for what is really an extremely young philosophical system at present. But it was his commentaries to the Book of the Law and Liber Cordis Cincte Serpente that brought him controversy. And his writings on the history of the O.T.O. since Crowley's death brought him to a conviction on libel and slander allegations. It is also important to point out that while some of what he taught was profound, some of what he taught was quite turgid.  A brief bibliography of his writings include:


Liber AL vel Legis

Liber Cordis Cincte Serpente

Yi Jing

Dao De Jing


In stifling the publication of these spiritual works (Yi Jing, Dao De Jing), the Caliphate shows spiritual impotence and that they are indeed of the Shut-Ups described in Chapter 89 of Crowley's Book of Lies (at the bottom of this page).

Note well the statement of the A.M.H.R.:

Realize that true power is that which you give to others…not what you can destroy and take away from othersas the Black Lodge teaches its dupes.

Also note well the statement of Mark Stavish (an Alchemist):

Publishing and personalities dominate over traditions and lineages. And where lineages exist, they seem rooted in inflexible rules and dogma. This has given rise to the need to claim ownership of teachings and symbols. Copyrights have become the rule of the day; and the need to keep perpetual students the norm as traditions fail to generate teachers, and genuine spiritual masters, who can stand the heat of public pressure to demonstrate the power of the teachings.


Testament of Marcelo Ramos Motta

On Sexuality and Relationships

Field Theory of Sex

Man & Woman

Liber DCL vel De Fonte Alquae Vitae

On the Woman and Black Brothers


On the Science of Thelema

Liber CCXXXI: A Personal Research

Motta on the Initiatic Process


The S.O.T.O. Initiations (Coming Soon)

De Regulae Vitae

General Notes on the Practices

Astral Attack and Defense


Because H.O.O.R. in their pomposity, has decided that the first three chapters of this important work are outdated and not worth translating, we're glad to be able to to offer a complete translation.  Note that rather than provide valuable insight to the community, H.O.O.R. has decided to attempt to profit off the work.  We feel there's something more important than becoming another book publishing organization.

Evidence for more of their impotence can be found by clicking on the Black Lodge Papers below…

Liber C

Visionary Outlook & Development of a Mythos

The Black Lodge Papers

In stifling the publication of these informative papers, the H.O.O.R. Legal Department shows that H.O.O.R. fits in well with the Shut-Ups described in Chapter 89 of Crowley's Book of Lies.  In actuality, Motta wrote this and H.O.O.R. has no legal copyright to them.  But since Ray Eales is incapable of producing any work of his own, being spiritually impotent and a mere second-hander and not a creator or generator of 'new gnosis' (the only proof of any attainment), he needs to pretend to own something.  We simply see no value in engaging this "shut up" (cf. the bottom of this page) in a fight to release this on this website. 

Note well the statement of the A.M.H.R.:

Realize that true power is that which you give to others…not what you can destroy and take away from others as the Black Lodge teaches its dupes.

Also note well the statement of Mark Stavish (an Alchemist):

Publishing and personalities dominate over traditions and lineages. And where lineages exist, they seem rooted in inflexible rules and dogma. This has given rise to the need to claim ownership of teachings and symbols. Copyrights have become the rule of the day; and the need to keep perpetual students the norm as traditions fail to generate teachers, and genuine spiritual masters, who can stand the heat of public pressure to demonstrate the power of the teachings.

Letter to a Brazilian Mason

Calling the Children of the Sun

The Development of a Secret Society in America in the years 1957-2000

A Note upon Demons


Ever Speaks

This document has now been translated into Portuguese and can be found at:

We have written the lineage at several times about this; even letting them know that though they did this without permission, we were happy to see it done. They have never responded.

Their unfraternal behavior says much about their lack of spiritual force.

After eleven years of attempts at contacting this lineage, the following response has finally arrived. In an email dated, 8-9-2010ev Frater Keron-e writes:

Care Frater,
I`ve read your comment about the translation of Neshville lecture by Ever.

[Ever Speaks]

I want to apologize about this. Frater Thor (Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida) gave me this translation, made by Monica Rocha in 1999 (Febuary). I have the original paper and your motto name appears there (Zephyros le Midget) and we had troubles with our emails accounts. The file is no longer in my website.
Thank you


Embedded into this is the usual slander; consistent with the practices of the cult known as H.O.O.R. — Monica Rocha translates my transcription and credits me as: "Zephyros the Midget." But then most cults develop even greater immaturity in their followers; a certain credit to the cult of Eales.

Of course, with all due courtesy we replied to Frater Keron-e:

Care Keron,

I had no objection whatsoever that this was done…by either Monica, whom I don't prize as one of my friends…if you get my drift…nor by you, your website and/or your organization/lineage, et al. As a matter of fact, I'm glad that others took my contribution to transcribe Motta's private conversations with a group of his students and potentially brought that to a larger audience by translating and publishing it online. I wish it was still online…and I wish I could get a copy of this translation that I also could bring this to a larger audience within the sphere of the human community that my lineage more directly serves.

If you would be kind enough to send me a copy of this, that would be great. It was an honor that you, Monica & co. sought the expand upon my little project that even more people could have access to this little tid-bit of a day-in-the-life of Marcelo Motta as A.'.A.'. intstuctor.

Sending Gnosis forward enhances all of "us" as we empower the human community around "us" to greater personal growth. For this reason, knowledge needs to move around freely…especially spiritual Gnosis…not be to withheld in copyright law infringement claims (like the Caliphate and that bastard H.O.O.R. like to manipulate by their petty-power hungry adepts…shut-ups…cf. Book of Lies, Cap 89) and their sordid attempts at canonizing Thelema in the same way Constantine canonized the Roman Empire…an interesting accent to Motta's statement: "Religion is the death of theurgy." Copywriting spiritual thought in human letters that Gnosis only becomes available if you have the cash is like inventing the nose meter, that you could put a price on air.

At present, we've translated and published Motta's Astral Attack book into English for the benefit of English readers…and published it free online…we didn't edit out the first three chapters and offer the book only to interested buyers…there's words and ideas contained in this work for everyone to consider. After all, the law is for all…it's a human priviledge…inalienable rights, Light, Life, Love & Liberty. As well, some associates in Russia took the liberty of translating a bunch of my documents…it's been an exciting ride for me personally as well. I post links to their translations and stand proud that my ideas would come across as interesting to others.

It's time to stop withholding the Light as if we were attempting to control that which can't be controlled. The Light must move around freely and cannot be owned…AGAPE.


To add to our Joy, Frater Keron-e again has responded…and quite positively!  It is great to see that the errors of the past can not only be corrected, but great possibilities can open up as a result of both the error and the correction.  We welcome our association in the spirit of cordiality and friendship.  Here is our brother's response:

Care Frater

Thank you for sharing your file with us and I am sending a copy to you now. You can see it back here :
Frater Thor published Monica's translation on his periodical called Portal das Estrelas eleven years ago  and, before his recent death, he gave me some documents and papers and I found the original one between them. I don't know Monica so I can't talk to much about her.

I appreciate you website and I am glad to see Frater Ever's work alive in other countries. And feel free to use the contents of my website, ok?
Fraternally yours

Care Frater,

I am delighted to have finally received this! Thank you 'ever' so much. :-)
And I'm delighted to see this on your website. I'll look forward to posting the link to your page. Yes, I believe Motta made some very important contributions to Thelemic thought and I'm proud to publish what I can of his work.

His work is so strong that even after all the years the Caliphate tried to smear his character, they were eventually forced to claim lineage from him…

though there's strong record to show he cut those individuals that make this claim of adeptship from the A.'.A.'.

More important today, I really believe it's time for all the political squabbling in A.'.A.'. lineages to begin to fade.

Let's argue over doctrine and ideology…and ideas. And let's be creative!

I would be very eager to maintain an informal association with you and yours as I already do with other lineages and lodges. Let's help one another in whatever small way, to grow this important philosophical system and turn the tide of the war against superstition to our favor. These political groups will fall to their own foul doctrines in time, and won't need our help for them to accomplish this.

In the meantime, serious Aspirants and Adepts are well aware of the need to stand as one; no matter our petty differences against that stagnant and blind force that makes so many a threat to our well-being.


This provided an opportunity for our further response:


Intelligence Services Are Not Intelligent

Thelemic Political Morality



Instruction to Frater Thor

Letter from Motta to Metzger

What lineage follows in the wake of Motta? This is developing into a ball of confusion. To make it a little easier, we first have to set aside all those who claim lineage to Seckler in the U.S. and to others associated either with Crowley or students of Crowley's. From there, we first get the triumvirate of Claudia Canuto de Menezes, Daniel Stone and William Barden as set forth in Motta's Last Will & Testament. With the failure of this due to suspicions these three quickly developed for each other, comes along David Bersson and Ray Eales who would soon align with Gregory von Seewald in order to form their inner lodge.  Interestingly enough, they would betray the tradition of the A.'.A.'. forming two separate lineages with one in a Period of Silence as the other is in a Period of Speech; leaving the lineage in a perpetual Period of Speech.

And to add to this confusion, the Caliphate has recently come out and claimed a connection to the Motta line despite their long-held purporting of Motta as insane and unfit for his self-proclaimed mantle. Indeed these as others were either expelled or excommunicated from his lineage before his death. And indeed no matter which part of his lineage one connects with, there is obfuscation, half-truths, traitor lists, accusations and character assassinations, including a betrayal of membership confidentiality and the publication of private letters.  And as the Caliphate has since its inception betrayed the A.'.A.'. by publishing all of its private texts, this becomes a wonder of wonders.  Is their no end to their mockery of the A.'.A.'.?

But does this invalidate Motta's contribution to this art & science? Absolutely not! Motta generated ideas in his commentaries and intellectual works that prove a scholarship that was articulate and profound. One may not like a few of his ideas… but really, is any one single contributor to this philosophical system perfect in all that he or she has written and/or acted out? In the end, the serious Student should simply read all the contributors to this art of Scientific Illuminism and take from eash in accordance to his or her own personal Will.  And perhaps the most important example that Motta sets before us is that though one may attain, one may also fall from grace so that even success must be vigilantly protected.

Love is the law, love under will.




I am annoyed about the number 89.

I shall avenge myself by writing nothing in this chapter.

That, too, is wise; for since I am annoyed, I could not write even a reasonably decent lie.


Frater P. had been annoyed by a scurvy doctor, the number of whose house was 89.

He shows that his mind was completely poisoned in respect of that number by his allowing himself to be annoyed.

(But note that a good Qabalist cannot err. —In Him all is right.“ 89 is Body—that which annoys—and the Angel of the Lord of Despair and Cruelty. Also —Silence“ and —Shut Up.“The four meanings completely describe the chapter.)

From Liber LXXXIX (a private document):

The fallen: the ‘Shutups;’ the spiritual criminal; those undead and non-living, the zombies and vampires, the ghoul, lichen and so on; these are connected to the qliphoth, and bring the qliphoth into the real world.

Crowley’s writings on the Black Lodge can be found in Liber CDXVIII, and also several of the chapters in Liber Aleph. A central focus on the "shut-ups" as found in Chapter 89 of Liber CCCXXXIII provides a core principle the formulation of the Black Brother. People that refuse to face reality or more typically, certain parts of it; recreating and reinterpreting the details they can see of reality in order to conceal the things they can’t or won’t see. The loop is also a tool to use for those who managed to get to this state by Magick, and that means creating actions and circumstances which will not give a result to grow on, but returning to the point of origin; inexperienced and therefore unchanged. In other words, the idea that we are simply children of God, having left heaven and seeking only to return to it is a false notion.

From Ben Hecht's

A Child of the Century

…a wise man will always allow a fool to rob him of ideas without yelling, "Thief." If he is wise he has not been impoverished. Nor has the fool been enriched. The thief flatters us by stealing. We flatter him by complaining.

To Bill Breeze and Ray Eales for their copyright complaints (not admitting that we stole anything at all):

Thank You!