Astron Argon

Sexual Science

Frater Apollonius



 Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Chalice of Spiritual Grace

The Chalice of Spiritual Grace—Sophia—into which the life-blood of the operator is poured is known in Thelema as the Cup of Babalon.  In Our Lady, we are “saved” or “redeemed” by being brought to the Spirit of God that the Gnostics have also clearly shown is the femine aspect of the biune God.  Cf. A Token of Babalon.  The sacremental wine is in short, the semen or ‘Blood of the Saints’ and should only be poured into a consecrated vessel; the woman being especially prepared for the Gnostic Mass. 

In other words, it is not just the woman thatis especially prepared; but the man also.  He must become a saint.  And how does a man become a saint?  First, one must die; noting the orgasm as ‘Le Petit Morte’ or ‘the little death’ that occurs during orgasm.  But also, the moral preparation of the Saint is important.  He must align himself with the ‘Spirit of God’—i.e. the woman.  And indeed, thn, he must be of the highest moral character as also his woman.

"For he is ever a sun, and she a moon.  But to him is the winged secret flame, and to her the stooping starlight."—AL:I.16

So also is the end of the book, and the Lord Adonai is about it on all sides like a Thunderbolt, and a Pylon, and a Snake, and a Phallus, and in the midst thereof he is like the Woman that jetteth out the milk of the stars from her paps; yea, the milk of the stars from her paps.—LXV:V.65

The image above depicts mermaid rising from the sea. She holds her hands to her breasts, as fountains to issue two streams; returning to the sea. This symbolizes the dual principle of nature; its parents being the Sun and the Moon (relative to our Earth). She sings:

I am a goddess for beauty and extraction famous, born out of our proper sea which compasseth the whole earth and is ever restless. Out of my breasts I pour forth mild and blood; boil these two till they are turned into silver and gold. O most excellent subject, out of which all things are generated, though at first site thou art poison, adorned with the name of the Flying Eagle…Thy parents are the Sun and Moon; in thee there is water and wine, gold also and silver upon earth, the mortal man may rejoice…But consider, O man, what things God bestows upon thee by this means. Torture the Eagle till she weeps and the Lion be weakened and bled to death. The blood of this Lion incorporated with the tears to the Eagle is the treasure of the earth.

Solve et Coagula

The Eagle’s Tears and the Red Blood of the Lion must meet and mingle, which is in Thelemic doctrine, the Sun and Moon conjoined.  These are represented by the first two letters of the Tetragrammaton (IH).  The third and fourth letters represent the Serpent or the Blood of the Red Lion (V) & the Tears (or gluten) of the White Eagle (H); these being the ‘offspring’ of the Lion & Eagle.

The Athanor is then the vehicle of the Serpent with the gluten being housed in the Cucurbit.  Spiritual fire stimulates the Athanor, which is to say that one becomes aroused by the prayers of the bud-will; bringing the Athanor to ardency and from which the Serpent may ascend to the Cucurbit, which is used as a retort.  Love is the motivating power; its force tempered by the bud-will of the operation.  In other words, the Soul and its raison d’être is the motivating factor; that being the morale of the operation.  In the male arousal there is a certain vigor that must be derived from and met with in holiness.

The ejaculant is Serpent that is then corrupted; putrefying in the Dark Cell of the kteis as it mixes with the gluten and results in a chemical change.  Upon coagulation of the substances, the Phoenix rises (the Magickal Childe), which is the new coagulation as it becomes ONE substance.

Three Principles

The first principle is Volantia—the calm focused exertion of the bud-will.  Before, during and after the act of love, hold a clear image of that which you wish.  This is prepared for by success in Dharana, but addresses more the source of the intent.  In the expulsive moment of orgasm, when the semen of the man passes into the body of the woman, the emotional expression of the man is at its greatest force.  This can be exerted from the planes; the plane of pure intellect—being cold and joyless (a negative force) and the plane of the emotion—love, heart and soul (a positive force). 

The second principle Decretism is a fiat principle that expresses the purpose of the operation and the point upon which the intent or bud-will; the Volantia takes flight.  It’s declaration may be “So mote it be!” or “Amen!”

We can then append to the Starry Gnosis One of the 12 new constellations introduced at the end of the 16th century; Piscis Volans, which presents a certain fish found in tropical waters that can leap out of the water and glide through the air on wings.

Posism is the third principle—the mental receptivity that follows the act of love under will.  This is a receptive posturing—placing oneself in a receptive position by which one assumes the confident success of the operation.  It is a dynamic process of preparation that opens one up on all the planes of one’s being and by which one evokes the astral form by which the fiat principle will operate.

And most appropriately in the energy exchange between the working couple, one should be prepared to receive that which the other has imparted.  The woman takes energy from the physical expulsion by way of the Athanor; she absorbs the heat exuded.  The male on the other hand, takes her offering on the immaterial plane (emotional and spiritual) and becomes ‘inspired’ by her.  And of course, he must learn how to recognize this.

To bring all of this together by way of two personal examples seems quite appropriate here.  Though I didn’t understand it at the time, the first example came by an early success with imaging in the Tarot (near the beginning of my formal study) and not with sexual technique at all.  Not discussed in my Personal Note in The Riddle Solved, I followed up on the Hierophant Atu, wherein I learned of my power to invoke (creative power) by way of the Tarot, which is what generated the attention of the VooDoo priest who originally trained me in the use of the cards.

At the time, I was in a rather miserable state; having been dumped rather harshly by my girlfriend and having also accepted this reality through some turgid actions on her part.  I then moved to yearning for another that I might fill the void in my heart; but was charged by a burning desire—so much so that I took the Hierophant Atu, stared at it and intensely expressed my desire internally as I crushed the muscles of my face in simultaneously and spontaneous intensity—a reflexive response that today, I understand to be similar to the facial expression during orgasm.  This did not come about by way of any prior knowledge or training; merely on the suggestion by this priest that I had this power.  Very shortly after that, I would meet my next lover, which was and still is unusual for me as I am not really in any way, a ‘lady’s man.’

Several years later, I tried this three more times, with intent; not with the Tarot Atu, but with a masturbatory technique that I adapted from my study of the O.T.O. degree system.  Each time, I had startling success, though with difficult results.  What I mean by this, I came to understand that there was something in me that was attracting very unbalanced women and I became discouraged from continuing. 

I eventually came to realize something that my first instructor in the A.’.A.’. had told me and that I had not wanted to face.  It would not be a good idea to enter into a relationship with a woman until I had completed my outer grade instruction.  Though my instructor could not tell me why he made this assertion, I eventually came to see that the internal pressure of Initiation exacerbates the organic and psychic imbalance that we all have until attainment.  And this technique was bringing to me a reflection of that imbalance by delivering to me in each and every case, severely perturbed women.

Elements of Mind Control

Pranayama: We breathe in two kinds of air; atmospheric and aethyric; simultaneously with each inhalation.  Atmospheric air of course, sustains the physical body as the aethyric creates soul by informing the emotions and the intellect.  The atmospheric air gives us great vigor as the aethyric generates spiritual power.  And by the phrase ‘spiritual power’ we are referring to the power of trance—the sacred Sleep of Siloam—by which the soul transcends barrier between wakefulness and sleep and can make contact with praeter-human intelligence.

But in taking in this aethyric atmosphere; the Solar Prana, we generate the internal vision—the Rosicrucian Vision that the prophets of old reported as dreams, as seemingly a by-product of building the Astral Body.  And from this also, we can then formulate an elemental being; sometimes referred to as a homunculus that can then be given instruction and sent out to do our bidding.

Modern science teaches us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Therefore, in projecting the elemental as evoked and formulated from this internal substance, one creates the magnetic attraction for that which must come to us.  This is why in my personal experience, that which I brought to me was so devastating.  These women had latched onto a part of me and then were able to bend and twist me as they pleased.

Conjugal Union

In the perfect conjugal union, neck of the uterus is bathed in the prostatic lymph and semen secretions as they are also mixed with the corresponding acids and alkalis of the gluten.  When occurring with the lightening flash of simultaneous orgasm the electro-magnetic and nervous conditions essential to a wholesome union are created and maintained.  Without this, the harmonic dynamic of the working couple will become decrepit.

The totality of the conjugal experience is a mixture of three fluids and two auras—i.e., prostatic, seminal, and female lymph or loebia, and the dual magnetism involved.  And in the moment of dual orgasm, force may be directed upwards or downwards as decribed in the Formula of ON.  Note also that this is a magnetic formula: the phallus is positively polarized as the kteis is negatively polarized.  Additionally, the head of the man; housing the brain is negatively charged as the head of the woman is positively charged.

Pascal Beverly Randolph notes what he calls the Euclidian Principle:

In effect, the entire universe, all living beings, without the least exception, are ruled by the principle of two contrary forces, exercising, one or the other, a power of inescapable attraction. One calls the forces positive and negative, and one rediscovers them in good and bad, emission and reception, life and death, idea and action, man and woman (positive and negative magnetic poles) in the material plane and, conversely, the woman (active pole) and man (negative pole) in the mental plane. In the science of the mysteries that we teach, just as in nature, the female attracts the male, so we can attract to ourselves the desired form by creating the negative in order to attract the contrary, the positive!


But what is this all for? Why do this? The sexual drive and function is as important as any and every other organic function of the body and spiritual function of the soul. The first realization is then that the proper performance of sexual magick is to complete the wholesome fullness of one’s evolving humanity; that one can do his or her will amongst the living and quit the walk of the ‘undead’ that is the sorry state of most people. In other words, the goal is to become fully and completely human.

Love is the Law, love under will.