Astron Argon

Setting Pan

by Frater Zephyros

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Summum bonum, vera sapientia, magnanima vita, sub noctis nocte sunt.
The highest good, the true wisdom, the magnanimous life, are under the night of night.

Giving thought to Pan, the Greek equivalent of Set whose dark night is creation itself, Great Sea of Binah (Life). Pan is Father of the Beast (Caput Draconis) of whose Mother is the "Woman clothed with the Sun;" Isis, whose symbol is the Ankh (Life). Pan is the myriad of forms called N.O.X., which is the holy word that is the key to the Abyss. Babalon conceals the word as she is the Lady of the City of the Pyramids beneath of the Night of Pan. If we consider the fact that the MT, once having attained Binah is simultaneously reflected down into the Ruach, we begin to get an understanding of Pan in Thelemic doctrine. Pan radiates over All while sitting atop the Ruach from the Chaos of Da’ath.

For the colours are many, but the light is one. LXV I.3
Therein was this virtue, that the One became the all. LXV II.6
Nuit brings us to Not, casting our star into the heavens. And Choronzon is the Demon of the Abyss, perhaps a dual aspect or a refraction of Pan, the All-Father. Crowley writes in a diary note to the Paris working:

“The name of this Phallus is Thoth, Hermes or Ma. Ma is the God who seduced the Phallus away form the yoni; hence the physical universe. All worlds are excreta; they represent wasted semen. Therefore all is blasphemy. This explains why man made god in his own image. The feminine side of Ma is Pan, which explains why Pan is a devil. The only way to be really born is by annihilation—to be born into Chaos, where Pan is the Saviour."

The manifested Universe is then the fruit of Pan and the perfection of this process is the work of humanity as we take the forms from Chaos to create order. This fruit that we bear is called the ‘Building of the Pyramid’ in Liber Pyramidos. Note the Latin phrase, Ferens Fructum’ (bearing fruit) equals 671 (yphWvi) in Hebrew and is the number assigned to this important A.’.A.’. Initiation. This is perhaps why Pan's flute is heard in the Ruach as the sound of one's Aspiration. The ‘nightside’ then becomes approachable through Yesod as Yesod is both a reflection of Da’ath and outside the Pyramid. The work is transformation, the first phase of which is destructive. But there is also a diversion inherent in this as Choronzon brings a false ‘understanding’ that explains why the Neophyte is warned to beware of egoity. The Tree-of-Life itself is the garden of the earth and the key to paradise: In nomine Babalon, restriction unto Choronzon.

In the English Qabalah that we extol, Pan equals 89, which reduces to 17 the number of the Star Atu. We have here a certain allusion to the Star of Babalon, his consort. By the symbolism of the letters, we find the the “excreta” of “all worlds.”

P – excrete
A – First
N – Sum

Nuit is the negation of Light as she absorbs light. Pan radiates it unto Malka, the Daughter, Babalon and Malkuth conceals Binah. Cf. Liber CDXVIII for more on this. But here is the mystery of the Daughter ascending to the Throne of the Mother to awaken the Eld of the King, PAN. Further, the idea of "excreta" is suggestive of the Eleventh Degree of the O.T.O.

Love is the law, love under will.