Astron Argon

On the Qualities of an Adept

by Frater Zephyros

Adepts are the only members of the human race that are fully and completely perfected in their humanity. They are also those who have been greatly honored with a perfect Gnosis or Union with their individual Holy Guardian Angels. Some members of our race may perfect themselves in one part of their being or another. For example, athletes perfect their physical bodies and intellectuals perfect their mental bodies. But without all of the several bodies perfected and integrated together into one homogenous whole, these same Stars achieve an incomplete and unbalanced Gnosis that is more or less productive of a psychic madness.

These qliphotic daemons have im-proportionately developed one of the various bodies while sacrificing essential parts of their total being towards what results in only a vain end. All that these brightly shining Stars seem at most, to have achieved pertaining to immortality is by being placed in the historical pantheon of those great collective heroes and notorious figures of our race. And indeed, they form a lineage of noteworthy saints and satyrs even from time immemorial. All that push the boundaries of what it is to be human hold something of note in historical remembrance. But that doesn't 'absolve nor assuage' as pertains to their personal failures.

The true Aspirant has to fully map and integrate all the various components of one's whole being into a perfectly functioning and dynamic whole that transcends the sum of the components. Only then is the Aspirant prepared for and worthy of that Gnosis described as a union with his or her Holy Guardian Angel. This is indeed an Alchemical metamorphosization that then seems to have certain necessary and observable qualities, along with the occurrence of other related phenomena specifically associated with Adepthood.

Of great confusion for those contemplating the Grades of Our Order, is the two different attainments at Tipareth. These are Adeptus Minor (Within) or 'Asar un Nefer' and Adeptus Minor (Without) or the 'Knowledge & Conversation'. One in our line who has attained this Sanctuary of the Gnosis has this to say:

The Asar Un Nefer comes first, its the state of samadhi and illumination. When transgresssing this, the candidates consciousness rises above and starts seeing the samadhi from the outside as the HGA. Here is the turning point, and I saw it !!! Its impossible to describe. Its like a hole in reality. Its the main point. Its IT.

As well, this Alchemical metamorphosis is sometimes symbolized by the bolting lightening flash that rages through the fully constituted and perfected body; as spirit descended into matter. Indeed, the aura of the Adept at this moment of Gnosis shows itself to be physically brightand fully visible to the naked eye of those witnesses that chance to come into contact with the Adept. This powerful current of energy acts as a catalyst in affecting even the witness or witnesses to this singularly initial and resultantly continuous event.

Subsequently, the Adept is usually accompanied by disciples and followers who themselves have now discovered some measure of this shared Gnosis. But as often as not, they are mere sycophants who are themselves incomplete as so many others in the collective pantheon of our race. And the Adept then becomes known as an healer as well as being eyed suspiciously by certain other quarters of our race as a 'center of pestilence'. The Adept dwells fully within and without the pale of these dysfunctional sycophants surrounding him or her, and acts compassionately towards them. But compassion for an Adept is a regal act that can easily be misperceived by those who are not sensitive to the nature of this current.

In such a case, the actions of the Adept will be viewed as threatening and destructive. Of course, there are those pretenders who will abuse their disciples invoking this idea in pursuit of their own megalomania. Those others who are sensitive to the current of the Adept, form a synergistic lineage that establishes a magickal formula for their Great Work. Note one in our line who speaks from the College of the Rosy Cross says:

"In Geburah, the awareness is also opened for the tumultuous war of all wills existing in our society. In this war; lovers and friends are all challenged, and wanted as recruits for the division of Hate. Everybody fights and allies often become traitors. One simple piece of advice is warranted; the Brothers of the Great White Brotherhood love and care for each other, while the Brothers of Black Lodge don’t. "

Prophecy is the next necessary quantitative result of this Gnosis. The generation of these works of genius have certain qualities that prove their validity with undeniable certainty. Specifically, the elements necessary for this are such things as prediction of personal and historical events as well as divinatory insight into the nature of the Adepts disciples. As well, the work of prophecy becomes a revelation of new information that further illumines consciousness and the socio-political mores that congeal a vital and creative culture. This collective theurgy, creates the nations of the earth and even soon in our evolutionary expansion, of the solar system.

The Adept has the responsibility to facilitate the evolution of our race by seeking and connecting with that one certain Aspirant whose destiny it is to take his or her throne. In this way, the synergistic chain is forged. It is incumbent upon every Adept to keep a garden of Aspirants in order that this one may be selected. If and when the Adept is successful, and only then is the Adept able finally to abandon this holy obligation and all his or her attainments along with his or her whole being in preparation for the leap into the Abyss that waits beyond the rim of mortal consciousness. And only the most divine momentum provided by the Holy Guardian Angel, can provide the necessary inertia to survive this fantastically hazardous ordeal.

If successful, the Adept attains a true mastery of incarnation that has a sublimity that has forever defied description and elaboration. It can only be said that this Master is truly one with the Godhead and his or her consciousness dwells beyond his or her differentiated self. This would have been the third in a certain line of severs ordeals. The first was the Veil of Qesheth and that certain difficult transition made from Zelator to Practicus. The second of course, is the Veil of Paroketh and the Adeptus Minor experience. This last veil is the lonliest of all, as even the Angel abandons one. That is all that can be related.

Therefore, the Adept exists in such a manner that is not comprehensible by even his or her own mortal consciousness. The journey from this point forward is even impossible to speculate upon. Yet Nemo hints that there is still more to accomplish. And so from this invisible realm, the Master reflects down into one of the lower spheres as a terrestrial manifestation of the divine Logos by way of PAN. The physical body-mind complex is effectively but a garment; taken on in order to interact with the manifested universe…and the Magus is conceived.

Success in this results in the emanation of a word of power that in and of itself, vitalizes the entire lineage and sanctifies it. The Magus must do this or the lineage fails and a new Magus must be selected. Should that word become so strong that all other words become explained in light of it, then the Magus becomes an avatar; becoming the Ipsissimus and Crown of the Aeon. And beyond this yet, is total annihilation and dissolution into the three-fold veil of negative existence, which is yet even more incomprehensible to our mortal consciousness.