Astron Argon

On the Abbey of Thelema

by Frater Apollonius

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Consecration is the solemn dedication of an object or a space for exclusively sacred use; an Abbey of Thelema being consecreted by the presence, control and ownership of private property by at least a Zelator of the A.’.A.’. who chooses to run such an abbey. The Abbot or Abbess serves as the spiritual leader of the community of the household; either as leader of a natural family and/or that also may take in students who seek special instruction from the unique experience and expertise of the Abbot or Abbess.

The word ‘abbey’ originates from the Greek αββας (206 in the Greek Qabalah), which literally translates as father, but is used to signify a domain lorded by one who’s purpose in this case is to assist in deepening the community’s relationship with the divine and to train in thosespecific Occult arts that would be the specialty of the leader in charge. In the case of visiting students who may also be assigned by the leadership of the lineage, arrangements are made for the border to take part in the maintenance of the household or property as reciprocation for the room and board provided.

The Egyptian House of Life

This is a graphic depiction of the "House of Life,"
which was part of every major temple complex in Ancient Egypt.

We can find a significant model upon which to base the system of Abbey’s in the A.’.A.’. in the Egyptian House of Life, where the practice of wisdom, authoritative utterance, writing and Magick were studied & practiced. This was a place where texts were copied and scribes were trained and a sacred lifestyle dedicated to the divine was maintained. Ritualism and Ceremonial practices along with all the associated disciplines, including medical & funerary practices mathematics, astronomy (astrology), art, morality, and statesmanship were included in the day- to-day living experience. 

The work of the priests that dwelled within this house were working at the creation of immortality as the house was set up with the four elements placed at the cardinal points of the square (representing the foundation of the pyramid) and eight deities guarded its inner space. 206 (the value of the Greek word αββας) reduces to eight by AIQ BKR, which should be interesting enough for the Qabalist to ponder. But a ninth deity, Osiris, the god of Immortality and Ressurrection was also representative of the fifth element of Spirit; being placed atop the house to show his ascension to the sky in his transformed, glorified and now immortal body.

It would seem wise for the Abbot or Abbess of Our Order to implement such consecrated objects about the property in similar manner in order to realize the Abbey as sacred space by transforming it into a symbol of the base of the pyramid, which is the central symbol of the initiatory structure of the A.’.A.’. This would energize and focus the spiritual force throughout the property of the Abbey. Here we have yet then, another example of the Magickal Circle squared.

A certain example of this is described by Crowley in his novel, Diary of a Drug Fiend. The main characters of the novel are brought to the domain of a Thelemic Mage who essentially cures them of their drug obsession by helping them to discover for each themselves, the nature of their true Will. And though this is not necessarily the intent of a working abbey in Our Order, a general idea of the work of the abbey is presented.

Love is the law, love under will.