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Field Theory of Energy


Field Theory of Energy By Frater Zephyros

2=9A.'. A.'.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Universe is a living organism consisting of seven levels through which energy is transmitted. These seven levels may be delineated by the seven Chakkras of Hindu Science. The lowest level is subject to the 8&90 Rules of Art as revealed by Liber AL vel Legis. Each rising plane has its own corresponding set of laws of which, not too much has yet been revealed; leaving much room for research and exploration. In this way, any working theory of energy should evolve. We also now that the highest level is subject to only one law—its own. And of course, the one just below that is subject to three laws; the positive reflection of the law, the negative reflection of that law, and their Integral Balance. This would be a strong description of the Supernal Triad.

The Magickal Formula of IAO is the major law describing human activity. We seldom reach long-term objectives as we often change direction before accomplishing them. This is due to the second phase of this formula, which is destructive. Thus while the first phase set out with a determined effort towards a goal, the third phase is seldom accomplished as the fulfillment of the effort of the first phase. When such fulfillment is attained, it is due to the influx of the energy coming from the highest level which suggests that this energy is usually attained in the second phase. It seems more that the virulent nature of that energy is often mishandled; probably because the Aspirant has not attained an integral harmonic structure capable of receiving this energy. This cannot happen until the tendencies, vacillations, attractions and repulsions inherent in the manifesting nature of our beings is mastered.

First, strong attention should be directed towards the body, which can be compared to a factory with seven stories, the head, the chest and the abdomen as well as the musculature, nervous system and blood lines and finally with that factor often referred to as Spirit that animates and unifies all of these. These function by virtue of different kinds of ‘food’ that impress energy into each of these vehicles. The stomach needs meat and drink; the chest needs air, while the brain needs impressions; the muscles need exercise and rest as the nervous system needs an even flow of electricity along with the blood needing nutrition and oxygen. The animating factor is the core energy that feeds the other six systems. The Neophyte focuses on all of these impressions as a part of the process of fashioning the Pantacle.

The Aspirant needs to recognize that the human body is merely a machine that basically responds to its environment concurrently with an imperfect and evolving connection to that highest level of energy that informs the organism and transmutes energy as its principle function. Without an healthy flow of impressions to each of the seven vehicles, there is a refracted connection with the true source of our nature, which when properly focused and aligned leads to power. One may be said to be really asleep until one can overcome these mechanical processes by which we form those habits that we unconsciously and religiously follow. Before one can free him or herself from these mechanical processes and in order to gain mastery over them, it is necessary to observe and become fully cognizant of all such machinations that imprison us in a false sense of identity that obstructs the evolutionary energy that alone can make us fully and perfectly human.

These false sensibilities form the cornerstone of the Black Lodge, which seeks to belay the process of change and development upon which the evolving nature of our existence depends. The formula of the continuity of existence states that change equals stability. Yet the forces of the Black Lodge are blind (ego- less) and chaotic with those tendencies that inhibit this process. And so great effort must be made to subdue and control these various blind tendencies; freeing oneself of their chaotic and destructive influence. Note that they can be constrained to serve one unified function proceeding from that animating factor which initially informs one’s being. This is begun by the Zelator who reaches the stream of consciousness; forging and reshaping the dagger by weeding out and constraining those thoughts that create the energy-robbing tendencies.

What makes this so difficult to recognize and master is that most people consist of a variety of egos, which need to be unified before man can attain individuality and hence, immortality. This can only be accomplished with intense effort, as the human being doesn’t to inherently possess this ability. In the cacophony of egos, the voice of the Master Ego or Holy Guardian Angel is stifled. That one particular ego known as the Neschamah or Aspiration to attain to a state of perfection, is set up to command the others referred to often as the demi-gods or angels, demons and spirits. The Practicus creates the Cup that will receive this higher energy by passively listening for the Holy Guardian Angel. And ultimately, that one voice is focused on with a fully focused singe-pointed consciousness as the wand of the Philosophus is carved.

Note that the human being has four independent organisms mutually interpenetrating one another. The first is the physical body, which is an automaton driven by external influences, which produce physical appetites. These appetites in turn influence the second organism, which is the emotional or astral body. Our emotions cause thoughts to arise in us. These changing thoughts and desires cause a whole series of conflicting egos to come into existence. The third organism is the spiritual body and the fourth is the Master Ego that presides over all the other egos, which have evolved from those thoughts that the emotions have caused to arise within us. In order to attain to a state of perfection, humanity must reverse the direction by which the energy moves through the four organisms. Energy should start with the Master Ego and culminate in the physical body.

Humans possess seven minds:

1. The intellectual mind, which builds his or her perceptive paradigm;

2. The emotional mind, which controls his or her feelings;

3. The physical mind, which controls bodily movements;

4. The instinctive mind, which controls the automatic nervous system;

5. The sexual mind, which carries the life-giving current of energy;

6. The higher emotional mind;

7. And the higher intellectual mind—the last two of which extend beyond the boundaries of the limited and individuated psyche.

Each of these is connected with a ‘center’ that works with different kinds of energy. Our problem is that we tend to use the wrong kinds of energies in these centers by either r importing emotional energy into the intellectual mind or importing intellectual energy into the emotional mind. These centers in turn, are forced to exchange energy with the sex center in order to effectuate this dysfunctional process. And in turn, they leave the sex center with useless energy belonging to another mind. We thus cannot experience true sexual congress until that center can work with its own energy.

In order to begin to redirect these energies, one should begin with the observation of these centers so that one can recognize them and control them. These are again, the tendencies that scatter and waste our energy. Once they are under our control, we can channel enough o the right kind of energy to produce even thaumaturgy or seemingly miraculous feats. Our normal and haphazardly evolved consciousness lacks any conscious connection with the Holy Guardian Angel; known to the Aspirant as Adonai. Our self-awareness is imprisoned by the whims of those thoughts and desires that have arisen from fundamentally primal and base appetites that persist despite the fact that they’ve already been satiated; even long ago in human evolution. In this way, their continued power over us obfuscates the clear and accurate perception of those experiences that impress themselves on our consciousness.

Developing the ability to look within and communicate with the Holy Guardian Angel while simultaneously; accurately perceiving the impressions deriving from the external world is the fundamental key to freedom and occult power. The contending forces that interfere with this must be reconciled to the influence o the holy Guardian Angel. The technique of dialoguing with the Holy Guardian Angel; so eloquently delineated in the Master Therion’s Liber Cordis Cincte Serpente, is a virtuous goal that will culminate in true power. IN order for one to successfully engage this process, the Aspirant must first achieve success at the following four processes of development.

First then, with the construction of the Pantacle by the Neophyte, the Aspirant is teaching the mind to distinguish the non-egoic and blind nature of impressions and experiences from the ego that receives these experiences. This better aligns the internal flow of energy as the energy of the intellectual and the emotional bodies are disentangled. Such objectivity having been developed, the Aspirant finds a balance for the subjective nature of the go and takes a first step towards clarity of mind. And one moves a step closer to controlling the nature and powers of his or her own being.

The Zelator then forges the Dagger by critically analyzing all ideas that arise from the various impressions and experiences perceived within the circle o the Pantacle; thus eliminating complexes and simplifying consciousness. Then can the higher voice of the Master Ego or Holy Guardian Angel (Asar Un Nefer: Myself Made Perfect) begin to be heard as if only maybe a whisper or an intuition. And the Aspirant then learns to control the very foundations of the nature of his or her being.

Within the Cup of the Practicus, all thoughts are sacrificed as thoughts are the blood of the mind and that blood is freely poured in; being the mythological ‘blood of the saints’. There is then heard only one thought, which is the true current of the Will. Thoughts themselves are seen to merely establish the relation of the ego with the non-ego. In this way is the mind purified as all thoughts are harmonized by Love, which is the universal solvent which first separates and then reintegrates all the elements of one’s being. Here then the Aspirant learns to control the vacillations of his or her being as they are reintegrated in a perfectly balanced and focused consciousness.

The Wand of the Philosophus is the very Aspiration to attain and the power derived from the Aspiration. AS such, it is the master of all the various egos and tendencies that dwell in the consciousness of the Aspirant. All wills, which are not dependent upon this ‘master will’ are points of energy loss and should be ruthlessly rooted out and a state of Virtue is finally attained from which only remains but the grace of Adonai of the final fulfillment of one’s Aspiration. The Aspirant now becomes the Adept and remains posed in a state of constant vigilance in the hunt for power and succeeds in obtaining control of the attractions and repulsion of his or her own being.

Ritual then becomes the key to focusing and harnessing energy. Thus does one begin to experiment with Theurgic techniques that cultivate, harness and develop spiritual power. Such power is a means to an end and not an end in itself. Should one seek to indulge in such power, one is said to become duped by the black Lodge as the Aspirant loses him or herself to a distraction from the current of the Neschamah within this potently harnessed power. Ultimately one must completely abandon even the Holy Guardian Angel losing all that he or she is in order to consummate that ultimate attainment which he or she has been called to by the original Aspiration. The Adept is then known as the Master of the Temple.

All the workings of the Aspirant with the mind, the emotions, energy and power take place ultimately within the physical body. Thus does the body need to be prepared for the onslaught of that seemingly divine energy that will ultimately stream down from the original and very powerful source of energy that informs one’s being. The study of Asana and Pranayama are the first step in gaining control of the musculature and internal flow of the body. Also, acts of dexterity such as Athletics or mastery of a Musical Instrument further enhance and strengthen this effort.

The Magickal Passes are exercises designed to fortify the body for the reception of the lightening flash. By use of these, the Aspirant prepares those channels, which conduct these vital energies throughout the body. Such energy is not subject to the onslaught of outside forces for augmenting or decreasing it. Its quantity is sufficient enough to enable the individual to break those parameters of normal perception and on into states of heightened awareness wherein resides true magickal power. This power is perceived in the initial Aspiration as an ‘essence’ that through the developmental work of the Aspirant, manifests with an increasing strength of presence.

All of humanity is innately obsessed with just such a goal; revealed to us by the profusion of drugs, stimulants, religious rituals and cultural rites in our society. These are usually feeble attempts to rush at the veil to that transcendent realm that we so strongly suspect exists as a more true and perfect reality. Such rushes are inadequate attempts to re-deploy this energy that must first be precipitated by a superb physical and mental balance. So the work is to restore the energy as it has been displaced from the centers of vitality so clearly mapped in the system of Chakkras.

These centers are:

1. The area of the liver and gall bladder.

2. The area of the pancreas and spleen.

3. The area of the kidneys and adrenals.

4. The hollow spot at the base of the neck on the frontal part of the body.

5. The area around the womb (seemingly more pertinent to woman only; yet may be the source of instinctual consciousness).

6. The area around the sinuses (the realm of the ‘third eye’).

7. The area around the top of the head (which is the crown of one’s Aspiration).’

The Aspirant needs to develop techniques that will enable one to perceive these energies and to be able to control and direct them by saturating the body with movement. These Magickal Passes of energy will integrate the various function of the body into an whole and harmonious organism consecrated to the Aspiration of the direct connection with the true informing nature of one’s Will. The Middle Pillar Ritual and the Tattwa Breathing exercises also bring energy through these centers; connecting them all through the Sushumna. These coincide with another technique called Stalking. It is an examination of one’s behavioral process when interacting with the external world. The Stalker carefully observes the Aspirant’s energy interconnected with everything that Aspirant encounters. One can then recapitulate these experiences by erasing one’s ‘personal history’ and its accompanying ‘racial consciousness’ in order to free up a lot of energy. In so doing, one becomes an impeccable Warrior in one’s own personal Jihad.

The Stalker then dreams with his or her eyes open as it is enabled to enter any number of ‘perceptual worlds’ and actively participate in the creation of one’s ‘reality’. In this way, he or she acts with Intent and carries the conscious mind over to the dream-state by setting up the dream in advance. This is the process naturally employed by one who has an artistic temperament as a part of their psychic process. This type of practicing artist naturally employs an active form of meditation.

But it is more than simply being creative and setting up some sort of fantasy. The Stalker must figure out what pushes his or her buttons and what are his or her tendencies if he or she is to reclaim any energy. And then, the various states of consciousness that then becomes available just be explored with purpose and Intent towards the fulfillment of one’s Aspiration. These are mapped by one’s study of the Qabalah and the development of one’s personal symbol system and hence, their creative voice. This is the measure of internal power, which is the virtue of Our Order. Too many today, waste so much energy holding some tow of legitimacy or authority in the phenomenal or external world…these are truly after external power alone…a mark of the Black Lodge.

Love is the law, love under will.