Astron Argon

Aiwaz-Baphomet Commented

Publication in Class B
Frater Aumgn

with commentary by
Frater Apollonius

The Words of BAPHOMET

Baphomet – the Logos of Pain and Joy, Dust of the Eternity.
Suggesting either Binah or both Binah and Geburah; hence the path of Cheth; the Great Work of a Major Adept.

For a man, Nuit is nine, which unveils like zero and two.
Zero in that Yesod (9) leads via the nightside Tree to Da’ath and “two” being the polarity between Da’ath and Yesod.

Hadit is three, the manifestation of Nuit, which transforms to seven.
The ‘I’ that is also ‘Not-I’ … a mystery of the Ipsissimus…Hadit is the ‘I’ manifesting from un-differentiated consciousness—‘Not-I’  This Monad becomes the 7 primordial gods.

Seven is Ra-Hoor-Khuit, which transforms to twelve, who is the Sphinx.
The 7 primordial gods become the Zodiac of 12, which comprises the mystery of the Sphinx.

Twelve transforms to five, who is the Lord Baphomet.
Lord Baphomet is the hologram, the Adam Kadmon that creates the archetype of humanity; the man standing erect and formulating the Pentagram of five.

All these form a cube, cube of Eternity and cube of Dust, the number of which is twenty seven.
In the EQ, 27 is equivalent to: <Nine; 3 cubed; NO; The number of verses in AL for the E.Q. to unfold; Number of Trigrams in Liber Trigrammaton; Hidden>, which says a lot by itself.  But also to look into Ryan Higgins’ analysis of the EQ and Liber Trigrammaton in his own Liber 27; wherein he states:

While the commentary part of this work identifies how the trigrams provide a workable series of symbols in the EQ, it is also pertinent to look at the importance of the number 27 as it provides both a key to the hieroglyphs of the EQ and acts as a light in understanding the role of the Trigrams in relation to the whole of Thelemic doctrine. There is much to be said about the number 27 in regard to both the EQ, and as a link between Trigrammaton and Liber Al vel Legis. The central observation informing this treatise is the fact that it takes 27 verses in the first chapter of Liber Al to derive the order of the entire English Alphabet and this is the total number of Trigrams and verses that occur in Liber Trigrammaton.

This exploration into the number 27 began to expand with my response to a group e-mail post concerning H.P. Blavatsky’s discussion of the Septenary. This occurred on the nineteenth of April 2008 e.v. In this posting Frater Apollonius posted the following quotation from HPB’s Secret Doctrine:

But number seven, or the heptagon, the Pythagoreans considered to be a religious and perfect number. It was called “Telesphoros,” because by it all in the Universe and mankind is led to its end, i.e., its culmination (Philo.

de Mund. opif.). Being under the rule of seven sacred planets (The seven planets are not limited to this number because the ancients knew of no others, but simply because they were the primitive or primordial houses of the seven Logoi. There may be nine and ninety-nine other planets discovered — this does not alter the fact of these seven alone being sacred.), the doctrine of the Spheres shows, from Lemuria to Pythagoras, the seven powers of terrestrial and sublunary nature, as well as the seven great Forces of the Universe, proceeding and evolving in seven tones, which are the seven notes of the musical scale. The heptad (our Septenary) was regarded “as the number of a virgin, because it is unborn“ (like the Logos or the “Aja” of the Vedantins); “without a father or a mother, but proceeding directly from theMonad,which is the origin and crown of all things.” (Pythag. Triangle, p. 174.) And if the heptad is made to proceed from the Monad directly, then it is, as taught in the Secret Doctrine of the oldest schools, the perfect and sacred number of this Maha-Manvantara of ours.

I became interested in this discussion when Apollonius commented on this passage with the following:

I have often wondered whether or not the number seven would be sacred had we known about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all those aeons ago. And I still sometimes wonder what would the whole scheme have been had our solar system been composed in an entirely different manner…or for that matter, how well it would hold up should humanity find itself emigrating to other planets and solar systems. This seems to provide something of an answer in Pythagoras’ commentary that the number would remain sacred; no matter that “nine and ninety-nine other planets [be] discovered.”

Together this adds to 108, which has its own signifcance; cf. my article: Gnostic Cycles, wherein I write:

Note also that the Aeon of Aquarius will start in 2597ev when the Earth’s ‘Vernal Point’ will for the first time, be in Aquarius, 693 years after the revelation of Liber AL vel Legis! And the Sun will find alignment with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, symbolized by the Nile in the Egyptian Gnosis in 2012ev, 108 years after the start of the Aeon of Horus. 108 of course, reduces to 9 by AIQ BKR but more interestingly is thrice 22*33, which is why 108 is usually the number of beads on a rosary; a hint back to the Rosicrucian truth and it is also the number of beads on the Mala that Yoga students wear. (Apollonius 19/04/08 e.v.)

This reflection sparked my curiosity since I was already looking into the number 27 as a possible link between Liber Trigrammaton, the EQ, and Liber Al vel Legis. The fact that the number 27 was involved in the equation 22*33 =108 lead me to inquire further into the possible relationships that this number might have since it was already involved in another significant number of much more universal import: 108. This lead to what I still perceive to be a very interesting and useful discovery described in my following response:

This is very interesting; since it ties in with my recent reflections on Liber Trigrammaton. The three cubed gives us 27, the number of verses in Liber AL required to derive the English Qabalah. It is also the number of Trigrams used in Trigrammaton. If we consider Liber Trigrammaton as a possible basis for a Thelemic Book of Hermes comprising the paths on a Thelemic tree of Life, it may be that 108 as expressed as 2 squared x three cubed expresses the archetypes of the Thelemic gnosis (Trigrammaton) multiplied and manifested through the structures of matter, i.e. 2. squared, =4 x 3 cubed = 27 = 9 portrays the squaring of the circle, due to the circular nature of nine. Also 27 is 9×3 which is 93 or 39, hence the connection between the EQ and the half of the Jews, via Hebrew Qabalah. Also 27 is the Thrasraq of 72, Shemhamphorash, the divided name of the Hebrew Qabalah, also the zodiac, Chokmah, thus the archetypes of the creative word. (19/04/08 e.v.)

Frater Apollonius continues to explore this issue by quoting his work Gnostic Cycles:

The reduction to 9 then also becomes a key to the nature of our Solar System. And as will be shown, a key to the nature of the present Manifestation, which is ruled by Sagittarius. Also 2*3=6 or Tiphareth or the Sun. Note the Sun (6) is 93 million miles from the Earth; another recursion of 693. The diameter of the Sun is also about 108 times the Earth’s diameter and the distance between the Earth and Moon is about 108 times the Moon’s diameter.

The Qabalistic findings in this passage are quite significant since 93, the number of will and love in Greek gematria, and the number of one of the spellings of Aiwass in Hebrew, shows that the law of Thelema is the current or path between the earth and the sun, which Qabalistically signifies the path between Malkuth and Tiphareth, or the communication between the lower Ego and the higher ego. The fact that the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel takes place in Tiphareth suggests that 93 is the current by which Human kind is initiated or raised up to a higher level of consciousness. With 27 as the product of 9 and 3 we get the archetypal forces that bear the light of that current to the sensory perceptions of the Nephesch in Malkuth. This would be the means by which the current makes itself intelligible to the sphere of sensation and the lower ego.

Another important point is that the moon, the planet of Yesod, acts as the astral mediator between Malkuth and Tiphareth since it is the moon and its connection with astral sensitivity that gives us the subtle impressions by which we are able to make contact with the higher planes. It is through the moon that the light of the sun is refracted in its color spectrum giving us the ‘treasure house of images’ and hieroglyphs by which our divinations are made possible. Even our physical moon is connected with the number 27 since it takes 27.3 earth days to make a complete rotation on its axis and in time of its orbit of the earth itself, thus suggesting that the number 27 is a significant number revealing the astral symbols by which the light of the 93 current is made intelligible to the human race at this time. It is also useful to consider that 27 divided by 3 is 9 the number of Yesod while 39 which equals ‘Not I’ in the EQ is a thrasrq of 93!. Therefore the number 27 provides a further key by which new symbols may be attributed to the English alphabet in the evolution of a Thelemic Qabalah. These 27 Trigrams in Trigrammaton provide a compelling elaboration on the already existing associations given to our alphabet in American English culture, as the order of the letters in the EQ naturally falls on the Trigrams. This will now be explored in depth with the following commentary.


By crossing the Abyss, you will understand how twenty seven becomes thirty three.
The final Masonic degree.

The Heart of Baphomet is the Abyss, out of which the Beast rises up, yearning to destroy the Tree and himself.

The Tree of the End changes its appearance.
This should be researched as a possible element for new Gnosis.

The Abyss becomes real and revealing, it incarnates as eleven.
Da’ath; the 11th Sefira and the number of Magick.

The Path of Gimel, which before had bind Kether with Tiphereth, is now becoming a Path from Kether to Daath.

Where the ultimate Magickal work takes place!

From the Abyss the six rays begin to emanate – the six rays of the Heart of Baphomet.
The Augoeides is the star cast into the heavens by the Magister Templi attaining to Binah; who is also cast back down into the Ruach; centered by Tiphareth. The Adam Kadmon…to become man.

Just one of these rays ties the Creation with its Source. That is Gimel – The High Priestess, whose veil binds the Chaos.

In nomine Babalon!

Other five Paths are the end of a man and the triumph of the five final letters.

The Abyss is the outcome of impregnation of the Mother with the seed of the Father; therefore it is opened below them, but above the Tiphereth. For a man and for a Star final Mem binds the Sephiroth Bina and Daath. Geburah and Daath unite in the final Peh. Tiphereth and Daath unite in the final Kaph, which is culmination of the Fortune. Chesed and Daath bind by the final Tzaddi.

Thus, the Heart of Baphomet starts emanating the six rays; one of them ties a man with his Source, while the others are apogee of the human culmination, the heavenly death.
A very interesting new Gnosis; appending the final letters to the Tree-of-Life and suggesting a new Tarot. This requires others to corroborate in the Vault of the Adepti; the work of the Magick Lodge.

The Path of the final Mem is the yawning over the Abyss, – fertilized by the Mother the seed of the Father.

The Path of the final Peh is the power of the Rupture.

The Path of the final Kaph is the way of sacrificing of the Holy Guardian Angel to the Abyss.

The Path of the final Nun is the way of the flesh mortifying for the sake of the Gnosis of Liberation.

The Path of the final Tzaddi is the hook of the fisherman, which gives the opportunity to fishes to perceive the heavenly Death.

Thus, twenty two transform to twenty seven under the protection of Baphomet, forming the cube, which treads by the Baphomet hoofs, and the cube, to which is Baphomet is tied up by the link, which key is hidden in the formula IAO.

27 = 2+7 = 9; bringing us back to Yesod; the point at which this work began.

Therefore, IAO is a mystery, guarding the wholeness of the cube, which is also the square Yesod, the tincture of dynamic eternity, abiding in the unity of the all of the Essence.
This tincture is the immortal dew (cf. Golden Chain of Homer).

Heru-Ra-Ha, who for a man is 81, is 93 for Baphomet. By realizing how 81 transforms to 93 you will find the Mystery of Baphomet. The End! And the end of his words, which are concealed in zero.
81 is the number of the Moon/Yesod that leads to Da’ath, the non-Sefira or “zero.”

These are the words of Baphomet.