Astron Argon

93—its ThRShRQ & Complement

A Thelemic Formula & the Riddle’s Solution


Frater Apollonius


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

To restate our solution to the ‘riddle of AL’ in our article: The Riddle Solved, we get the starting point for our present Qabalistic rumination:

The answer is simple and sublime.  And it is written right on the cover of the original manuscript.  93=418 as the motto of Aiwass leads one to immediately see 418 as the name of the house of the Prophet and which is also the Khabs that is the name of the house of Hadit and that has a direct relation to the current of the ‘Will’ (93 and both the numeration of the words, Thelema and Agape).  This gives us the idea that Hadit and the Prophet are directly linked together.  We can glean this from the following quotes in AL:

AL:II.78  “Lift up thyself!  for there is none like unto thee among men or among Gods!  Lift up thyself, o my prophet, thy stature shall surpass the stars.  They shall worship thy name, foursquare, mystic, wonderful, the number of the man; and the name of thy house 418.
AL:II.2  “Come!  all ye, and learn the secret that hath not yet been revealed.  I, Hadit, am the complement of Nu, my bride.  I am not extended, and Khabs is the name of my House.

Next, let’s consider that fact that 31 is the Key to AL and 31 is ‘Not.’  We will then find further evidence connecting Hadit to the Prophet in the following verses of this same second chapter of Liber AL:

AL:II.12  “Because of me in Thee which thou knewest not.
AL:II.13  “for why?  Because thou wast the knower, and me.
AL:II.76  “4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L.  What meaneth this, o prophet?  Thou knowest not; nor shalt thou know ever.  There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it.  But remember, o chosen one, to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven; to look forth upon men, to tell them this glad word.

We then find Aiwass to be the Avatar of the Aeon, the archetypal Holy Guardian Angel.  And Aiwass is also Hadit, as intimately Aleister Crowley as he was something much larger than Aleister Crowley; it says so, clearly in AL:II.12-13.  A set of gematric correspondences then immediately open up from 93=418.  418=13, a thrashraq of 31 and as it occurs four times in the riddle, and as four suggests the trinity, so 31 threefold equals 93, which is the expression of that trinity.  13 in threefold is 39, which is a thrashraq of 93.  So either way you look at it, it gives us something.  Even in considering it as the Death Atu (XIII), we are led to the three veils and to ‘Not.’

So 31 is the Key of it all.  And 93=418 is how this is expounded.  It gives us the dynamic nature in the way that Liber AL vel Legis was communicated to Crowley and through Aiwass; and what those implications may mean to the rest of us as much as they were intimately connected the man, Aleister Crowley.  It is short, simple and as sublime as it is beautiful:  93=418.

The fact that the prophet will not be able to solve the riddle is because the prophet is the scribe; the gross, material body or physical vehicle of the spiritual being that is Aiwass and the distinct nature of the star/Hadit that is 666—the Beast…one cannot know well the other!  And so Aiwass, announcing his presence formally in this riddle cannot be apprehended by the rational and egoic mind of the scribe.  The whole experience of the reception of AL continued to both astound and confound the imp, Crowley; that he was never fully certain Aiwass was his H.G.A.

In The Key to AL & its ThRShRQ, we show that after the equivalence of a number and its thrashraq is demonstrated as the balanced equation 1=1 when both numbers are reduced by AIQ BKR.  And so for that matter 1=(-1) and giving us [1 + (-1)] or 2 = 0 is demonstrated with the two numbers being the opposite reflection of each other, as the AIN is to Kether.  This is all derived from the process of addition; but we may also use the process of multiplication.  The Key to AL as 31 is multiplied by 3 to get 93; hence we should do the same for 13, giving us 39 and the thrashraq of 93!  So three is  a perfect multiple.

93 & its ThRShRQ

We can then next proceed to examine 93=39; these numbers both, first reducing to 12—the Zodiac and Hanged Man Atu before again, reducing to 3 and the Priestess Atu.  And indeed, the Priestess as Nuit is the field of stars that is the Zodiac; an interesting recursion, much as demonstrated above with 31 and 13.  The number 93 is derived from the Greek Qabalah and as a particularly Thelemic number then also must be part of the English Qabalah; the Hebrew Qabalah not being essential here.  And in the Greek Qabalah, 12 is the value of the following: Earth, land; Now, manifestly; Astonishment, envy; Treasury.

Immediately we get the nature of the two Thelemic goddesses; Nuit and Babalon.  Nuit of course, is the starry heavens and Babalon is the Earth.  We can also stretch a little by connecting ‘Treasury’ with Treasure House of Images; the A.’.A.’. adorations of the Zodiac.  In the English Qabalah, 12 is Da’ath, which is intimately connected with the Astral Plane or field of stars; being the nightside or reflection of the ‘Treasury,’ as 39 is a reflection of 93.  And 93 in the Greek Qabalah is of course, ‘Will’ and ‘Love’; but also: Words, oracles; End, top, fool; Lazy, stupid; Legend, myth; By necessity.  In the English Qabalah, 93 is: Gods; Altothas; Vision; Deep; Hanged Man; Hay—and note also that the Hanged man is assigned the number 12 in the Tarot and that the number 12 is the cross sum of 93 by AIQ BKR.  That it is connected to the oracle that is Liber AL and Aiwass as much as it is the Fool Atu (AL:I.48  “My prophet is a fool with his one, one, one; are not they the Ox, and none by the Book?“) and as much as Thelema represents the new, post-industrial mythos.

In the Greek Qabalah, 39 is the value of: Rush, impact; Madness.  And in the English Qabalah: Not I; Into; “damned & dead!.”  The congruence of the Greek words suggests a frenzy and with the English Qabalah, a frenzy unto death or not-being.  Added to the Fool motif of 93 (above), we get the two numbers working together as a form of ‘divine madness’ or ecstasy.  But when considering 93, we have also to consider the riddle and the fact that 93 = 418.  We should then , first give a more complete list of the words valuing to 12 in the English Qabalah: IT (cf Liber 333); Hid; AHIH; Hem; Da’ath.

93 & its Complement

We are now ready to move onto Aiwass’ motto and the solution to the riddle: 93=418.  We’ve already discussed the nature of 93 in detail; so we have but to consider this in relation to 418.  Using AIQ BKR, we fist get 12 = 13 and then 3 = 4.  12 is the number of the Zodiac and at its full tour, the work completed (esp. considering the symbolism of the Labors of Hercules), we get the number 13—the qabalistic meaning of the number.  Indeed, the numbers 12 and 13 are so closely tied together that some Astrologers are arguing for a 13th division in the Zodiac.  In the Holy Tarot, 13 is the number of the Death Atu (the work completed!) and the work of course, being the Great Work: 418!

13 is in the English Qabalah: Math; Aid; Ash; Hit; Tan; Hand (suggesting Yod); Adam.  Considering Adam as the Adam Kadmon, we have again the iteration of death/transformation, as the Adam Kadmon is the archetypal link between the godhead and humanity.  In the involutionary process, the godhead effectively dies or is transformed into humanity, as in the evolutionary process, the human dies or is translated/transformed into IT’s (‘IT’ being equal to 12 in the English Qabalah) divine body.

In the Greek Qabalah, 418 is the value of: Such are the words (the final proclamation in Liber Samekh); The not, the nothing (what one becomes upon death!  Also, NOT is the authentication of the English Qabalah; being the number 13); Foundation (Yesod connected to Da’ath; Da’ath being valued at 12 in the English Qabalah), base, shoe; Pallas Athene; Cut, stroke; To be Hermes, I am Hermes.  And here we should also consider the Hebrew Qabalah; giving us: Cheth—the Chariot Atu ( a glyph of the Great Work); Abrahadabra; Boleskine; Makashana; Sin (the wicked Lilith); Atonement; Saving grace.

In the English Qabalah, 418 has these equivalents: Khabs, house; Lord of Creation; Baphomet; Shall be; Two and fify-five; Name of the Dome Genii for the Art Atu in Liber 231.  In our solution to the riddle, we noted that Aiwass was Crowley’s Khabs; hence, for us all, Baphomet, the Beast or star in us all (Lord of Creation) and that we ‘shall be) after the transformation (the work of the Art Atu).  255 then also plays into this number in the English Qabalah: Grey; “fear not at all”; “spit upon them”; Original.  Indeed, the awesome nature of transformation comes with the potential for awesome fear; hence great courage, which leads us finally, to the addition of the various numbers.

93 + 39 = 132
93 + 418 =511
93 + 39 + 418 = 550

We present the following equivalents and leave the mystical ruminations to the reader.


Greek Qabalah

English Qabalah
“That thou must die…”
Child; Glass; AUR; Light; North

Hebrew Qabalah
To make waste; To receive


Greek Qabalah
Sensual pleasure, luxury; Mistress; Cup; Shell; Anywhere; The rising of a star

English Qabalah

Hebrew Qabalah
The head; Row, rank, line, series; The time of God; How, To go


Greek Qabalah
Arrow; By; Cythereia (a surname of Aphrodite)

English Qabalah
[No known words at this time]

Hebrew Qabalah
Eagle; A rod of Iron; Masters, princes, heds, chiefs; Dragons


Love is the law, love under will.