Astron Argon

Achad’s Key to Liber AL

Frater Achad represents the voice of the fulfillment of a prophecy made by Aiwass in The Book of the Law. He fulfills it by presenting to the world, the Qabalistic Key to the Holy Book that unlocks the principle mathematical revelation of the book; known as the '93 Current'. The formulas of THELEMA and AGAPE are central to this and found in the two principle Thelemic mantras: 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.' and 'Love is the law, love under will.' Other formulas belonging to this current or magickal egregore are: FIAOF, LASHTAL, AIWAZ, and AUMGN. All these 'Words of Power' equal 93 by either or both the Hebrew and Greek Qabalahs. The solution delineated in Achad’s revelation lies in contemplating the Supernal Triad and its corresponding A.'.A.'. Grades as a dividing factor that produces the number 31. These grades are as follows:

Magister Templi 8=3 Sorrow IS Joy

Magus 9=2 Change IS Stability

Ipsissimus 10=1 Selflessness IS Self

The successful traversing of the Abyss unto complete annihilation and residency in the city of the Pyramids is the Mystery of the office of NEMO (8=3) as the Adept is NOT (Represented by LA which by Hebrew transliteration equals 31 as in the formula of LASHTAL developed by Crowley having obtained Achad's Key).

As Selflessness is Self, then Self as Ipsissimus is Pure Existence which is God (Represented by AL by the same Hebrew transliteration of NOT and is the Hebrew suffix that is used in all names of GOD). These two words; LA and AL, are reflections of each other and clarifies why LA equals NOT.

AL in its observation as Kether reflects into Chokmah and produces its opposite polarity by reflection; and Chokmah is then LA by correspondence in relation to Kether. Chokmah reflects itself into Binah as AL and the Supernal Triad exists in a synergystic state. The Mythos of this realization is described by Achad in this way:

The Magister Templi Understands, for the Word of Chokmah LA is truly reflected into Binah as AL and therefore the Magus

appeareth unto Him as God, whereas the Crown (the true AL) is reflected through the Path of Beth as LA and he seeth Nothing

in that direction because of the Lies of the Great Illusion of Maya the Magician, but he striveth by Daleth to the Magus, Who is

the Great Deceiver. Thus it is above the Abyss a thing is only true insofar as it IS its own Opposite.

In order to provide the reader with greater insight into this essential understanding of the Key, a chapter from Crowley's The Book of Lies is presented along with his commentary further on in this chapter. Crowley instantly recognized the validity and importance of Achad's revelation and immediately hailed him as his magickal son or child further carrying out another part of this prophecy contained in The Book of the Law:

AL III.47: "This book shall be translated into all tongues: but always with the original in the writing of the Beast; for in the chance shape of the letters and their position to one another: in these are mysteries that no Beast shall divine. Let him not seek to try: but one cometh after him, whence I say not, who shall discover the Key of it all.

Then this line drawn is a key: then this circle squared in its failure is a key also. And Abrahadabra. It shall be his child & that strangely. Let him not seek after this; for thereby alone can he fall from it."

Yet, note the Master Therion's original comment to the verse. Therein, he proclaims that the diviner or revealer of this Key shall prove himself having attained to the grade of Magus (9=2). This mantle, Achad openly accepted in his publication of the key; using his own qabalistic proofs to validate his claim. The result can be found in Achad’s book: The Egyptian Revival, wherein, Achad turned the attributions of the lesser paths upside-down. And of course, such proofs were rejected by Crowley and concern for Achad's sanity were expressed. This fight would become openly political when Achad acting as Magus, would overthrow the Aeon of Horus with the prophesied Aeon of Maat which is said in The Book of the Law to follow the present aeon.


These mysteries are inscrutable to me, as stated in the text. I note that the letters of the Book are the letters of the Book of Enoch; and are stars, or totems of stars. (See 15th Aire in Liber 418). So that he that shall divine it shall be a Magus, 9degree = 2square.

In the Master Therion's 'New Comment' to this verse, he further implies that the man (Charles Stansfield Jones) who synchronistically chose the motto 'Achad' (before discovering the Key of course and with a different conscious rationale relating to his own personal work of course), must be the one to follow. He also modifies his original comment in two regards that are inconsequential to the present discussion. Of course again, Achad would go on to use this to formulate the idea of a specific 'office' that he is holding as a follower or the 'one [who would] cometh after him:" (a mistake Marcelo Motta would also make), rather than being satisfied with the distinction of a principal Prophet of Thelema; serving to further develop the '93 Current'. This type of insanity I would argue, is probably a sign of someone who was unsuccessful in crossing the Abyss. It doesn't diminish the value of their (Achad and Motta's) contributions. And it could also be used to help us to clarify the nature of such a failure as the composition of the nature of a Black Brother.


I am now (An XIV {?} in {?}) a Magus 9degree = 2square; and I agree with the former comment. He need only be a

Magister Templi 8degree = 3square, whose world is Understanding.

"one cometh after him:" 'one,' i.e. Achad. See Appendix for this and other points of this most 'evidential' verse. "the

Key of it all:" all, i.e. AL 31 the Key! See MS for allusion to the "line drawn" and the "circle squared in its failure."

The attribution (in the Old Comment) of the letters to those of the Book of Enoch is unsupported.

The Book of Lies

Chapter 31


IT moves from motion into rest, and rests from rest

into motion. These IT does always, for time is not.

So that IT does neither of these things. IT does

THAT one thing which we must express by two

things neither of which possesses any rational


Yet ITS doing, which is no-doing, is simple and yet

complex, is neither free nor necessary.

For all these ideas express Relation; and IT, com-

pretending all Relation in ITS simplicity, is out of

all Relation even with ITSELF.

All this is true and false; and it is true and false to

say that it is true and false.

Strain forth thine Intelligence, O man, O worthy

one, O chosen of IT, to apprehend the discourse

of THE MASTER; for thus thy reason shall at

last break down, as the fetter is struck from a

slave's throat.


The number 31 refers to the Hebrew word LA, which means "not".

A new character is now introduce under the title of IT, I being the secret, and T being the manifested, phallus.

This is, however, only one aspect of IT, which may perhaps be defined as the Ultimate Reality.

IT is apparently a more exalted thing than THAT.

This chapter should be compared with Chapter 11; that method of destroying the reason by formulating contradictions is definitely inculcated.

The reason is situated in Da'ath, which corresponds the throat in human anatomy.

Hence the title of the chapter, "The Garotte".

The idea is that, by forcing the mind to follow, and as far as possible to realize, the language of Beyond the Abyss, the student will succeed in bringing his reason under control.

As soon as the reason is vanquished, the Garotte is removed; then the influence of the Supernals (Kether, Chokmah, Binah), no longer inhibited by Da'ath, can descend upon Tiphareth, where the human will is situated, and flood it with the ineffable light.

The reverse of 31 is the opposition that the truth of this Key fulfills and is the number 13 that is Unity (Achad) and Love (Ahebah) in the Hebrew language. Hence, these two number express the duality postulated in Unity. By adding these two numbers we get the number 44 which is a qabalistic number for Chesed (Sphere of Jupiter and the highest mystical attainment for the human being) and Magick reflected into the four elements (11 is the number of Magick, therefore 44 is the multiple of this number by the number of elemental planes due to its reflection into these planes). Therefore this Crown of Human attainment which is anthropomorphosized into the Egyptian deity of Amoun, to quantify the qabalistic vision is the utterance of Truth that creates the Falsehood that enslaves the soul of the Aspirant. This Falsehood is the Mythos that leads to Truth.

The Key to Liber AL vel Legis has yet two other features or three in all as described therein:

"Nothing is a secret key of this law; sixty-one the Jews call it, I call it eight, eighty, four-hundred eighteen."

AL I.46

'Nothing' or NOT is the first of the three aspects to the Key and is translated into Hebrew as AIN (by transliteration) and has the gematric value of 61–this being the second part of the Key. Thus the second part of the Key connects the Supernal Triad to the three-fold Veil of the Negative; AIN, AIN-SOPH, AIN-SOPH-AUR. Note that the second part of the Key has a triune expression as the first and as the third. It is interesting also to note that Achad in his diary passages concerning this Key, claims to have attained the highest initiation and then reflects into Yesod which is the ninth Sephira and the sum of these three components of the Key multiplied by the triune nature of each.

The third component of the Key to Liber AL vel Legis is expressed by three number: "eight, eighty, four-hundred eighteen. Here, Liber AL says that the Jews have the half (AL is the Hebrew God) wherein Achad infers that our half also equals 31 (LA). Therefore in uniting by the art of the Qabalah, we get the sum of these halves: 62. This becomes 'eight' by AIQ BKR and is the value of Cheth; Atu VII. It is the symbolic expression of the fulfillment of the formula of the Aeon.

Achad had the motto of Parzival (which is the name of the charioteer in Atu VII) at the time of his discovery of the Key to AL. He transliterated the first initial of this motto and finds the letter Peh which has a gematric value of 'eighty' in his diary and corresponds to Atu XVI. The Tower (Atu XVI) is the Master Therion's expurgation of the Nature and Energy of the Aeon.

Finally, 'four-hundred eighteen' has the gematric value of the Hebrew transliteration of ABRAHADABRA; the Word of the Aeon. These three numbers then reveal the Aeon through symbolic, characteristic and literal correspondences. Also, the numbers when added together are equal to 506 which by AIQ BKR is 11; the number of Magick.

Achad is therefore the child of the bowels of the Master Therion as prophesied. This then further delineates Parzival as the Fool which is the first Atu and attributed to Aleph. Of course, Achad used this to describe his attainment to the Grade of Magus; even passing up his Master in the Supernals. But it might be more appropriate to equate the Magus with the Phallus and true expounder of the key; being the Avatar and being attained by Crowley when Achad's failed crossing of the Abyss was still enough to fulfill Nemo's movement on the Supernal Triad.

Hence we have four words for the Fool (Parzival=Fool-Atu=I=Aleph). This is the secret fourfold word of Ra-Hoor-Khuit hinted at in AL III.49: "I am in a secret fourfold word, the blasphemy against all gods of men." Nuit and Hadit are the division of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (The Fool and Magickal Child or Son of the bowels of the Avatar) alluded to in AL III.2: "There is division hither homeward; there is a word not known."

Achad or Unity expressed as 1 and added to 31 which is NOT (LA) and the Key to the Law gives 32 or the paths of the Tree-of-Life. Achad adds this to 61 (the number of the name that the Jews give to the Key of AL) to get 62 which is 31 multiplied by 2 and another way of combining their half with the other half (their half is AL and our half is LA). Thus do all of the Child's mottos reveal the Key–but the child himself is not the Key which it seems to this author he mistakenly believed due to or causing his failure in crossing the Abyss. O.I.V.V.I.O. also figures into this as it translates as: "All in One; One in All" and expounds AL I.45: "The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two, nay are none." Thus are Nuit (LA) and Hadit (AL) combined in this motto as a magickal formula.

Further by Achad's account, 'Omnia in Uno' which equals 10 or 1 (by AIQ BKR) and combines with 'Unus in Omnibus' equals 13 which by ThRShRQ is 31 hence NOT is an exposition of one being none. These two halves (LA and AL) form two words ALLA and LAAL; which could be developed into two sentences given respectively as:

'God is NOT' (NOT being God as the Key to AL)

'There is no God' (Describing the inability to perceive God and an example of AL II.23:

"I am alone; there is no God where I am." Hence the Thelemic proclamation; there is no god but man. The word 'alone' in this verse is analyzed by Achad as AL and one; further justifying the combining of LA and AL.

By the expurgation of one as none, we also gain an understanding of AL II.15: "For I am perfect being NOT and my number is nine by the Fools, but with the ju8st I am eight and one in eight which is vital; for I am none indeed." This also shows Achad as Parzival or 1 as 8. The 'fools' would add these. But the 'just' see Parzival as the unity or fulfillment by the Charioteer (Atu VII; Cheth=8).

The English Qabalah also employs this key and develops Achad's work even further. Essentially it uses the number 31 and the concept of NOT in its qabalistic proof to establish the validity of the developed system. It is hoped that the presentation of the abstract from that work will show the reader that there is room for more creative development of not only Achad's system but the quest for insight, knowledge and new information that is the revelation of the 'Secret Chiefs' that oversee the Initiation of the Human Race.

Symbols of the English Alphabet

"Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto."–AL II.55

'Thou' can mean the universe itself as in Nuit; in this case such verbal axioms as they creep into a culture become significant. These symbols come to us from the collective unconscious of English speaking peoples. Further, in the English Qabalah put forth in the present work, 'Thou' equals 55 and is the mystic number of 10 which represents the totality of experience as delineated by the 10 Sephiroth contained in the Tree-of-Life.

The only Qabalah that tradition has handed to us as whole and complete is the Hebrew Qabalah. Yes, there are other Qabalah's; the Greek and Enochian come to mind. But none other than the Hebrew Qabalah has heretofore been so thoroughly explored and utilized. And one of the first things that a beginning Qabalist is taught in the Western Mystery Tradition, is the meanings of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. There must also be symbols that are attributed to the letters of the English alphabet as alluded to in AL II.55. Well, this has already manifested by virtue of the collective consciousness of English speaking people if we but take a moment to think about it. These symbols have evolved in our culture over time and have become quite fixed in our consciousness. What follows is a compilation of these symbols in the traditional order of the English letters:

A – One, Excellence, First, Beginning, Most Important, Initiation, Scarlet Letter, Anti-oxidents (such as Beta Carotene)

B – Alternative, Drill (as in spelling 'Bee'; which is the letter 'B' in its full spelling; or even fire drill–practice.), vitamins for the brain, to 'be' or exist, a bumble bee.

C – Average, Middle of the Road, Mediocre, Lowest Common Denominator, vitamin found in orange juice.

D – Below Average, Dunce, vitamin found in milk and in sunlight.

E – Effort, Energy (E=MC2), vitamin for skin and hair.

F – Failure (Lunar in nature as fear and failure surround as taboos; also the menstruum as a failed or potential pregnancy), abbreviation for the word Fuck (which is already an anagram 'for unlawful carnal knowledge).

G – Sigh (Gee whiz), to aspire

H – Breath

I – Self, Eye

J – Improper Move (J-Walking), Jail (J-bird), Marijuana (cigarettes are referred to as J's).

K – Strike or Knock Out (as in KO)

L – Perpendicular, Corner-angle/perspective.

M – Wave, tidal ebb and flow; delicious (MMM) or note of recognition.

N – Answer or Sum (1+2=n)

O – Gasp (O my heavens!); Hail (O Thou…), Orgasm/Ecstasy (Orgone), Whole or complete circle or cycle.

P – Excrete (discharge of energy) or Anger (as in Piss Off; in England: Drunk; also Pea is a part of

English currency); Legume

Q – Total Capacity (I.Q.)

R – Existence ('are'); Rudimentary Knowledge (3 R's)

S – Curve or double U-turn, ($) Currency; snake with corresponding symbolism; Superman (hence the 'Overman of Nietzche).

T – Intersection; Square, World of the Elements, Time Out (in athletic competition).

U – Reverse Direction (U-turn); Not-I, Pictorial representation of the open womb.

V – Victory; Peace (to the British it is not a Peace sign but an insult), Penis pointing down, Vow.

W – Audience (double 'Not-I')

X – Remove; Discontinue; Variable or Product (as in Algebra), Chromozone, Axis point.

Y – Question; Choice [fork in the road], Chromozone, Axis point.

Z – Zig-zag; End; Sleep; lightening flash (which is also a symbol for orgasm).

The Reader should clearly be able to link these symbols with the collective associations that are given to their corresponding letters. But there is herein no direct clue to any numerical value which seems to have been the research of all the primary English Qabalists to date. Aleister Crowley would be the one exception to this with his publication of Liber Trigrammaton. However, he concludes that this does not lead to a working Qabalah.

So the next test is to see whether or not these symbols have any intrinsic worth when applied against Liber AL vel Legis. We will apply this to specific words that are not English in origin to see if we can derive meaning therefrom. This will be done in combination with the numberical equivalents as the system put forth herein is delineated.

It will be left up to the reader to decide whether or not this provides any intrinsic and valuable meaning. Still, this is offered in the hopes of inspiring debate and furthering the development and research into an English Qabalah with the same depth and insight as that that the Hebrews (who have the half) have passed onto us.

What follows is a relatively unknown document dictated by Aleister Crowley to Norman Mudd. This was obtained by the editor after the first draft of this book was completed and is added here as an appendix to the symbolic work delineated above.

The Order and Value of the English Alphabet

While the symbols that we have attributed to the letters of the English alphabet were derived from the collective consciousness of our larger more mundane culture, the order and value do not have such a luxuriant ease of derivation. Still there is justification for this by virtue of the fact that our holiest of holy books, Liber AL vel Legis was revealed to us by Aiwass in this language and through the fabric of this consciousness. Therefore, it seems simply credible to seek the order and value in the revelation itself. This is very much akin to the technology employed by the Hebrews in their utilization of the Torah.

The Hebrews started at the beginning (Berashith). By comparison, we have the first verses to the Book of the Law. The sequential order of the English letters as they make their first appearance in the tome is now a parallel idea. We are left with the following sequence from the first chapter of Liber AL:


Note that this is the only chapter of the book wherein all twenty-six letters are utilized. The other two chapters omit only the letter 'Z'. And further, there is no embedding of this ordered arrangement at any other point in the book. However, because of the missing letter in the other two chapters, this presented order can be deemed significant. What remains is for values to be assigned to them.

With a numeration of only 1-26, many important values cannot be obtained with just one word, no matter how long. Though no one ever said this is a must, it does not make comparisons with other systems (Greek and Hebrew, mainly) readily possible. Yet again, applying the Hebraic method, this problem is solved. And we are given the following numeration:

H=1 A=2 D=3 T=4 E=5 M=6 N=7 I=8 F=9 S=10 O=20 U=30 V=40 L=50 G=60 C=70 P=80 Y=90 R=100 W=200 B=300 K=400 J=500 Z=600 X=700 Q=800

Yet there are no 'Mother Letters' or 'Final' forms to further articulate the numeration. We are left with the above structure. Still, the Hebrew goes up to 900 utilizing these principles as it is an alphabet of only 22 letters compared to the English 26. We have here a strong parallel system of numeration.

With numeration patterned in this manner, 1 to 10, 20 to 90, 100, 200, etc., the 26 letter English Alphabet goes up to 800. Now, the Greek Alphabet goes up to 800 as well, yet the final 3 letters, Chi, Psi, and Omega, are not very common. Relative to the Hebrew system, there are some huge tabulations as such, but in general the 2 systems are very compatible in their Gematria ranges.

One of the previously attempted "English Qabalah's was based on Liber AL, III:47:

"This book shall be translated into all tongues: but always with the original in the writing of the Beast; for in the chance shape of the letters and their position to one another: in these are mysteries that no Beast shall divine.

Let him not seek to try: but one cometh after him, whence I say not, who shall discover the Key of it all. Then this line drawn is a key: then this circle squared in its failure is a key also. And Abrahadabra. It shall be his child & that strangely. Let him not seek after this; for thereby alone can he fall from it."

This system seems to have failed as it was based on deriving a string of letters from a zigzagged line game with A.C.'s handwritten manuscript; which has no blatant relation to the source of this mystery expressed in AL II:55. Yet it is proliferate by a growing community of Thelemic Qabalists. In this way it validates itself as a Qabalah. But it can't claim to be the prophesied solution.

AL III:47, however, has been used to verify the key of the Book of The Law by Frater Achad's discovery of the use of the number 31 and its triune relation to the number 93; so important in the Gematric analysis of Liber AL. We will demonstrate that this further validates our own system contained herein.

But the use of a textual foundation for the English Qabalah seemed the perfect theoretical start. Now all that was needed was a theory thus based that worked in practice. While any random schema can produce various 'wow' number correspondences, it is quite worthless as a system unless it be based on the key principle revealed by Frater Achad derived from AL III.47. To that end note the value of the word NOT as it equals 31. THEN the 'circle squared in its failure' will become a 'key also'. In other words, there's something to look for now that Achad has discovered the 'Key of it all.'

Other correspondences also serve to validate this new technology:

TO MH = 31 (The Greek for 'The Not'; symbolic for Nuit and equal to 418 in the Greek Qabalah;418 is also one of the numbers that Nuit gives to nothing in AL I.47)


ABRAHADABRA = 814 (A ThRAShRQ of 418)

The essential point is in the word NOT and it's fitting equivalence in both Achad's key and our system. This we will elaborate on further. Symbolically, the letters N, O and T are worked out as follows:

N = Sum, Whole, Completion

O = Ecstasy, Orgasm, Hail, Gasp

T = Cross of Light, World of Elements, Intersection, Square

Note that non-being is the mystery of the Ipsissimus which is an end to the Great Work; its final (N) mystery and ultimate ecstasy (O) of the ultimate light (T). Numerically and symbolically, we have verification and validation.

As an aside, from AL II.55, please note the word "unto" equals 61 in the English Qabalah which is equivalent to Nun, Yod, Aleph meaning 'nothing' in Hebrew. Moreover, the three capital letters in this verse equate to 11. For that matter, 'two and fifty-five' (the numbers of the verse stated grammatically) is equal to 418 which of course, is the number of the Great Work; especially Crowley's magnum opus which is the transmission of Liber AL from Aiwass to the world.

Moreover, "they have the half" AL I.47 (referring to the Hebrews) equals 220 and is the number of lines contained in Liber AL; thus combining the two systems into an homogenous whole. "half" equals 62; which is a ThRAShRQ of 26-the number of letters in the English alphabet!


From the diary of Frater Achad

August 8-9, 1936

Chapter I.

45. The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two; nay are none.

46. Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, fourhundred and eighteen.

47. But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear.

48. My prophet is a fool with his one, one, one; are not they the Ox, and none by the Book?

Comment: Aug 9, 1936

A new interpretation of the above verses has since yesterday opened up to me; it does not necessarily abrogate the previous one.

The uniting of the Perfect and the Perfect (v.45) is again referred to when it is said: "unite by thine art etc." (v.47).

"Nothing is a secret key of this law." This "Nothing" is "Ain"; the Perfect Nothing of First Veil of the Nagative, back of the whole Qabalistic system of the jews; and its numerical value is 61, as stated in verse 46. (This appears as the first half of an equation, which equation is probably that which is referred to in verse 56 (NV) of Chapter I, q.v.)

"I (NV) call it eight, eighty, fourhundred, and eighteen." It has been shown elsewhere how these numbers, as representing the initial, letters, and numeration of Parzival, the Pure Fool, can be reduced to "Nothing" by Tarot.

But there is another concealed meaning, which seems to connect this one with the "child" mentioned in verse 56, and also to show the passing of the old aeon, and the mystery of the "empty left-hand" of Chapter III, verse 72, q.v., etc., etc.

Nuit says: "I call it (nothing) 8,80,418" which together make 506. Now firstly 506 is a glyph of NV herself, for her number is 11 (5 plus 0 plus 6 = 11), and she is identified with six and fifty, the 50, in the case standing before the 56 (as it is secretly written, Chapter III, v.8., None = Nun = 50, shall stand before "you" = U = 6–another glyph of NV.)

But 506 has another meaning: it is Sh V R, that to say, "Bovis a sinistra" — the Ox at the left hand, the old aeon which has been left, and yet which is a part of the Perfect team, when equated with AIN, nothingness so that both become none–"nay, are none."

This old aeon, the second half of the equation, is (v.56) to be "left unattacked" by the Prophet.

Now comes the uniting by art of the two halves of the equation (v.47); that is to say, we must add the two numbers 61 and 506, which gives us 567 (a true number sequence) and we must unite the letters of A.I.N. with those of Sh.V.R. which, being rightly done by art, gives R A Sh V N I = 567 = FIRSTBORN – the child of the New Aeon, and of the Old, which again equals PARZIVAL, etc. etc so that all may be said to disappear, and yet the Perfect and the Perfect have become One.

This is further proved by the reference in verse 48 to the Ox (ShVR) and None (Ain) which are so by the "Book" the Sepher (book) Sephiroth, as well as by the "Book" of Hermes–the Taro. The one, one, one is really 111 — Aleph, the Ox, spelt in full, and AVM of Ch. I, verse 56, the seal of the "child," and which reappears again as the penultimate word of the whole Book Al — Auma Ha.

There is, however, a further mystery of the uniting by art so that all disappear, but this can not be revealed at present because it is connected with the secret word (the word not known) pronounced by the Firstborn in 1926- the mystery of the babe within the egg of the fifth element (Chapter II, v.49) which is the Quintescence, or Aethyr of the Pure Fool (Note. MANIO in the `egg' `In A Nest' in Manifestation.)

N.B. The "team" of "Oxen" (and of fools) may be the A.•.A.•. as representing twice Nemo is Fra A.•.A.•. and also the twin focii, or "pillars" of the OVAL, or "crushed" circle. yet "still the Moving Fingers writes."